Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Miracle Email

(Mom's note: This came through today, after I sent a "help help" email to Amber Monday night. I knew it was after P-day hours but hoped she would see the email anyway....I even checked her missionary email account on Monday and the full email was NOT there. I explained that we felt we did not receive her full email but figured it was lost since it was not in her "sent" file. She replied with this today:
Sorry. Guess it doesn't work if I put pictures in the middle of an email. Won't do that again. Here's the rest. You probably died. If that ever happens, you can always log into my email and check the “sent” mail and see if I sent it through there. Love you!
Explain it how you will, but I know it was NOT there on Monday. Miracles from a loving Heavenly Father. Here is the rest of that lost email, starting with the last question I asked her and the pictures added in where they go.)

So tell us about Sister Stucki? You said she goes home the next transfer....gosh, you’re getting a lot of “six week” companions! Where is Sister Stucki from?
So Sister Stucki... This Sister is amazing. This is us.

She is so obedient and just loves her mission. I try not to talk about her going home or ending her mission. I'm trying to help her work hard till her very last day. We will see tremendous miracles and she will know she completed her mission the way Christ wanted her to. She has 8 siblings. I think she said she's number 6. She is from Moab Utah. I just love her! I'm so happy I get to serve with her. I remember telling her on my exchange in Illinois that she was an example to me because if she could be a 19 year old STL, then so could I. She's funny and sweet and so caring and helpful. We'll prepare meals and she'll just do things to help me that are so selfless. We both wanted some leftovers, and instead of just leaving it out for me, she served me some and heated it up for me. Her mission has shaped her into someone who lives a celestial life. I want to be like that.

I luckily did get to say goodbye to my mission mommy (Her first companion and trainer, Sister Giles.) I'm going to miss her. She was so perfect. I was such a snotty trainee haha, I gave her a lot of grief. Yet she just responded with such Christlike love. She served well. And now.... she can't get married till I get back.

So I just wanted to include a random thought. I just went down into the church kitchen to get a spoon and then came back out and plopped myself on the couch for more typing.. This church is home. We spend a lot of time here as missionaries and I love it. They're safe places. I feel welcome here and so close to Christ the whole time. Church is great!

Ok so I'm going to list all the miracles we had this week and then explain them in the weekly explanation.

1. We taught 33 other lessons
2. We got 7 new Investigators
3. We had 30 YSA show up to bowling!
4. We taught Eli!
5. We met Ebony and Steven. The perfect family.
6. We met with a Less-active who loves Sister Stucki and called us over. Missionaries haven't been able to find her in forever.
7. We taught Richard about scripture study and he took notes! This is his notes for the introduction.

8. We taught 11 other lessons on Friday. This was the day we had the exchange. I stayed in our area and Sister Johnson came with me.
9. We made it through Saturday. Haha it was a long day.
10. Gwen told me over Facebook that she feels comfortable at church
11. We saw Caleb. We looked through the peephole and his neighbor outside said "I don't think he's home." I knew Caleb could hear so I said loudly "I think he is! His car is here!" Few second later the door swings wide open. He's not interested and he's moving. But he answered. Miracle
12. We taught another 11 lessons last night within 2 1/2 hours.

You can say it's been a good week. I've been here for 3 months and I've seen the area just explode. There was not this much to do a whole month ago. Now there is so much to do! I now have witnessed what dedication and obedience do for an area.

Monday: So we had bowling this night for FHE. And 30 YSA came! Tons of Less-actives, 4 Investigators, and members. Most successful activity ever! We have no real budget so Sister Frogue said "let's spend it!" President Craig, Stake President, encourages us to spend it on good activities. We did 2 games of bowling and then had pizza as well. Here's a picture of the group. Some people aren't in this because they left early.


I also gave my first haircut this night to Sister Frampton. She just wanted a trim and even if I messed up she has curly hair so it wouldn't show too badly. I then trimmed my hair. Valuable life lessons taught from Mother Dear.


Tuesday: Transfers! This meeting was full of good people! So many great missionaries went home. I saw so many friends and I just feel like I have this huge spiritual army of friends! They never end! You finish talking to one and turn around and there's 5 more you want to take pictures with! We made it back super fast and then got to work! Tracting and visiting people. We met a nice girl named Caitlyn. She was pretty interested in our message. We went back Saturday but she forgot and so we set up another appointment for tomorrow. We taught Eli which was a miracle. He's Garrett's friend. He really has a soft side to him. He tries to seem tough but he's not. Let's face it. He rides with a minion in his front seat.


Wednesday: District meeting! We have a new district leader: Elder Harris. He is so funny! District meetings are a bit hyped up now rather than just.. boring. We taught Richard and he just confuses me. He had a major flip out on Saturday and said he was never coming back and then he showed up at church. He is smart. He knows what is right and wrong. He knows what he should and shouldn't do and he feels terrible when he sins. He has a strong desire.. It might just take longer. I don't know what to do. We also met Ebony and Steven this day. They invited us in and we showed them the Because of Him video. They were so focused. They have twin boys and then a little girl. At the end we asked if we could do anything for them and Ebony said "Just bring our family closer together." Melted my heart! We taught the Restoration on Friday and they promised to come to church (they couldn't make it) and read the intro to the Book of Mormon. They both read it! And then we explained it yesterday. They are the perfect little family. I've never taught a whole family before! They are so sweet and all of them squish on the couch and they sit so still and listen. They are so prepared! I love them so much! And they said they would really be at church on Sunday.

Thursday: We were out finding Less-active's all day! We stopped to tract for a while and we knocked on a door and a super sweet girl named Chelsea answered the door. We introduced ourselves and she said "Yeah I recognize you! I was your waitress at Texas Roadhouse!" She's totally interested in activities and was so excited to just be able to see us again! What a miracle! We were just looking all over for these people who are missing. We didn't meet many people, but we did get invited into the home of the parents of a YSA and they knew a lot about the YSA in their ward. So we were able to figure out who to focus on in that ward.

Friday: We had weekly planning and we set some pretty high goals! I put them on my mirror so I can often see them and strive to reach them. I feel so motivated to work hard and do good things for this area. I feel like there will be so many good things coming for this area. One of the goals we had together was to pray more specifically for people and to have more faith to find and be bold. It's been working out really great so far! I can see that when we have faith and expect miracles, great things happen. I'm really going to be working on this. We went on our exchange and it went well. It was tough to be the one to answer questions and to constantly just work, work, work because a lot of our plans fell through. But it worked out.


Saturday: It was so good to see my companion again, now I understand why STL's seem so happy and loving toward their companion. We work better with our companion and harder and it's just more comfortable, but I love these sisters. We talk about the sisters at least once every day and when we will exchange with them and what we can do to help them. It's amazing how much love I'm developing for these sisters and I just want to help them so much!!! We also contacted a LOT of potential Investigators. With no success. No one was home! It was really hard to have a day like that. I was so excited to just be done with that day!

Sunday: Church was pretty average.. Richard came and admitted he was wrong to run away from Christ. I did feel though in church this overwhelming feeling of God's love. And I just wish I could describe it and share it with others. But it's so hard. We had studies and we were just falling asleep. Sundays are long hard days for missionaries. Once we got out and started testifying we felt much better! It's nice to just tract and meet these people and share the gospel with them! I love these people so much!!

At the end of this week... I just feel good. I know this is going to be a transfer full of work, work, work. And guess what! We get to go to the temple on the 19th! I'm beyond excited!

Well I just spent way too long on this email. Haha I love y'all and hope y'all have the best week ever. Share your favorite scripture or Mormon message with someone this week. I dare you!

~Sister Rokovitz~