Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Half An Email

(Mom's note: Somehow, we think Amber's email got corrupted in the sending process and only part of it came through. She always sends an email to me and one to her Dad, which I combine to make her blog post. The email to me is below and ends without any kind of ending or signature, which it always has. Then she mentions in her Dad's email how she is short on time because she spent so much time on my email...which is pretty much not complete. We're not sure what happened, but this is what we got this week.)

Ok question answering time!
-How are you doing with Sister Stucki?
So great! We just get along so well. I know why she needed to be my companion... To show me what exact obedience is really like. She is just obedient to a "T". Makes me seem so disobedient. She's always ready right on time and just doesn't waste any time. She's super efficient in planning and remembering things and I just love her! She's so bold in being obedient too. I love it.

- Is Sister Stucki a STL (Sister Training Leader) too? If so, does she sort of train you how to do your new calling?
She is an STL. She was my STL up in Illinois so I got to go on an exchange up there with her. She is training me and helping me get the gist of the calling.

- If CV2 was closed, who is taking over that area? Meaning, do they just add the boundaries to another set of missionaries?
They had elders in their ward already. So now it's just the whole ward to the elders.

- Are they going to keep you in that big apartment with just the two of you?
Yep. They signed a lease so we are stuck.

- How was your meeting with the Stake President, President Andersen and the Zone Leaders?
Pretty boring. Honestly. President didn't make it. So we talked about the missionaries but the ZL's talked most the time. But it was still good. It's amazing to see how much thought, effort and time goes in to coordinating missionary work with the wards and making sure everything is running smoothly. Now that I know how it's run, I might speak up more next time.

- Did you go on any exchanges this first week?
Yeah. I went with Sister Johnson. The one who's cousin is in your ward. It was a fun exchange.. But as an STL, it's harder because the sisters ask questions and I'm expected to have answers and I have to lead conversations and help them progress and set a pretty top notch example. But it was good.

- How has your first week of being a STL been?
As I've gone into this first week of being an STL I've realized how important it is to have help to run a mission. The way all of this is set up is so inspired. It was a little stressful for me to think about at first. Our area is to be an example area and we are to be baptizing frequently. When I read that I was like "No way this can happen!" We had no Investigators really, besides Richard. But we started with a lot of finding and working on faith this week. And we ended up teaching 33 other lessons. The average for this area is 8 for a week. Sister Stucki wanted us to reach 30 each week and I was skeptical... But we exceeded it! I can see the difference in our area already. This is due to hard work, prayers, faith, and trusting in the Lord. I've had no time for anything. Hardly even my journal. But we've seen miracles. I didn't have to become a leader to have this. It's not a magical power that does that for an area. But as I've become a leader, and been put with Sister Stucki, and had higher expectations given to me, I've seen what can happen. Miracles! I'm so excited for this transfer. I'm working on being more obedient on the small things and following my companion’s example. I love her.

So tell us about Sister Stucki? You said she goes home the next transfer....gosh, you’re getting a lot of “six week” companions! Where is Sister Stucki from?
So Sister Stucki... This Sister is amazing. This is us.

Sister Rokovitz and Sister Stucki

(We think this email got half lost in the process. This is all we got... the rest of this is from her email to her Dad.)

Ok so I have to tell you....... I STARTED THE NEW TESTAMENT THIS WEEK AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! I can't put it down! I love it so much! I'm up to Matthew 14 right now and I was just dying over how good Matthew 13 is! Ah! How come no one ever told me to read it before?! Oh my I just love the scriptures!

I was laughing so hard that you said "y'all" so much in your email. I love saying y'all! Where y'all at? Where y'all going? Will y'all pray? It's what we do.

Sorry this is short. I just spent an uber long time on Mom's email. Like way too long. But I just want you to know this: I love the gospel. I'm learning how to live it as opposed to be in it. It takes so much effort. But it's worth it. The scriptures are golden! I love them so much! I read them every chance I get. I even tried to read them while I did my makeup... Yeah I didn't turn out looking very pretty that day haha. God is good and He is real. And we are His children. The end.

I love you :)

~Sister Rokovitz~

(At least we got some pictures, but no descriptions, like we usually do. Another clue that we didn't get the whole email.)