Monday, July 28, 2014

Flour Wars, Tobacco Fields and Flat Tires

This week was so good! We officially got news that we are moving Thursday or Friday. I don't know our new address but it will be in the email next week for sure. It's going to be stressful, but I'm going to try to just be calm. As long as I can organize my space and part of the kitchen, I'll be ok.

Ok about my week:
Monday: We got to see Amanda! She's started a 3rd job so she's pretty busy. She's still interested... but just busy. So hopefully we can teach her this week. For FHE we had a flour fight! It was loads of fun! We were coated in it. It was so much fun though! A lot of YSA were involved and even our investigator Aaron. I don't know if I've talked about him before... I will though. It was just a good night.

After the FHE flour fight - I'm third from the left on the front row. 

Tuesday: We taught Richard about the importance of the priesthood. He was being a little rough to work with, but he is getting there. He needs to gain a testimony and have a spiritual experience. I can't figure out how to do that for him though. This evening we also taught Aaron. The CV1 sisters found him and we have been trying to contact him for weeks. He said he was looking for a church but he didn't really seem motivated. So he FINALLY came to FHE and we FINALLY got to teach him! The Restoration lesson we had with him was super powerful. We all definitely felt the spirit. He committed to baptism but we didn't set a specific date yet. He is coming to FHE again tonight and we'll set up another time to meet with him. Gwen has been ignoring us. She had an appointment and we went and pounded and pounded... and then called her. She texted back way later and said "Sorry I was in my closet organizing clothes." She's always heard the door before... how can she not hear it now?

Wednesday: This day was long... District meeting, and then we typed up a Less Active list and that took forever. We are going to find these people! That has been one of our main focuses. We have 604 Less Active's and we are just trying to figure out if they've moved, or are married, or active in home wards, etc. It's a process but it's coming right along. We also had Institute. It was pretty good. Calvin was supposed to come but he has a horrible sense of direction and it took him 3 hours to find it. He showed up as we were walking out. Austin found his grandpa on family history though! He was really excited and hopefully he can get his family names ready for the temple. Found out he's adopted and it's his adopted family that all died, his birth family is still living but he's not super close to them.

Thursday: This day we went to the library for Facebook teaching. It was voting day for city stuff. People were all over with their signs outside waving. Haha felt like we were in a parade! Facebook was so good. Sister Frampton is teaching me how to be more outgoing and more of myself. Richard texted us and said he had an emergency. We got to the church to meet with him and he said he... messed  up. It just broke my heart to see how broken he was. He truly felt Godly sorrow. We read over the repentance process and it all made sense to him. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and he came to church yesterday. He is slowly changing. While we were talking to Richard, I just felt this overwhelming confirmation of how true the gospel is and how real the Atonement is too. It was made for mistakes and so that we can be forgiven and choose happiness again. It's incredible! I just KNEW at that point that forgiveness happens and that we can repent and truly change. Richard is on his way back up. We also had dinner at the Frogues. Oh my goodness. They live way out in the country in Kentucky and they have the best farm house. We got to pick cherry tomatoes and see the town. She knows EVERYONE there. She grew up there. They even have a road! Frogue Road! Haha And there are Mennonites who drive their tractors all around town. We went to the square and it was bike night. We got ice cream and then headed back down to Tennessee. I'm moving in with them when I'm done with my mission. I'll help Brother Frogue harvest tobacco :) hahaha But seriously.

Kentucky road and green fields.

Mennonite driving his tractor.

Me with Sister Frogue on Frogue Rd.

Me and Sister Frampton out in Brother Frogue's tobacco field.

With Brother Frogue in the tobacco field.

Friday:  I felt like at the first half of the week I was just missing one thing but I couldn't figure it out. On Wednesday our district leader said the Zone attribute for the transfer is "diligence". It clicked! Diligence! That's what I'm lacking! Still it wasn't making a difference. Well Friday we had interviews with President. He is an inspired man. I had 3 questions for him. #1. How do I have good studies and stay motivated for them? #2. How do I have the motivation to obey the small things? #3. How do I be more diligent? His answer to all three consisted of just doing it. When I told him I felt like I lacked diligence he said he didn't see that. But he got me really motivated and thinking about things. Ever since then I've been on fire! I just desire to work! I want to get people pumped about the gospel and I have the perfect companion right now to help me do that. When I asked President about studies, he told me to pray and ask to learn something new and then pay attention to the spirit. I tried it and it worked! I was totally excited for studies. I started the Book of Mormon again and today as I studied 1 Nephi 8, I was really hoping I would learn something new. I did! I learned so much more than I had before! One thing I learned was that we don't need to leave the gospel to rescue others. We don't have to lower our standards. We just have to stand our ground, set the example, and beckon to them! I felt so great at the end of my studies. Also, I popped our tire on a sharp curb on Thursday and so we had to get it fixed. It took the shop 2 1/2 hours to fix it. We missed interviews and had to travel to another church building and meet President there.

I popped it!

Dad, I was going to change the tire! I would not accept any help! Just as I was on the ground in my skirt getting ready to raise the jack, our neighbor pulled in and took over. I was so mad! He didn't let me touch anything. And he even did it wrong!!! He didn't tighten the bolts in a star pattern. I could have done it better. I'm going to pop another tire so I can do it on my own! Haha but it popped just as we pulled in our apartment. The car dinged and said "tire pressure low." I thought "Oh No....." opened my door, heard "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!" And knew it was a goner. Oh well.That's about all that day. We did have a scone party at a members home and we had 2 investigators there. It was a lot of fun to get to know our YSA's more and some people from 1st ward and just eat scones!

Saturday: We taught Calvin. Anytime we talk about the Book of Mormon he just smiles! He loves it so much! He missed church so baptism will be pushed back, but he's still progressing. He's making a lot of break through's from past life. It's so cool to see the gospel transform him! We also saw Jeff and Miranda and Annie. They are all doing pretty good. Well we saw Annie's mom. Annie wasn't home but her mom was babysitting grandkids. We went in and she told us more about her interests and what she's like. She came to church yesterday and she loves it! I'm so glad. Just one small visit did that. She's been coming more often. Just from us caring enough to look up her name and stop by and introduce ourselves. Missionary work can be the smallest things but the greatest difference.

Sunday:  I wasn't feeling good at all. We both felt it was necessary for me to rest because it was 95 degrees outside, but with the humidity it made it 102. We prayed and I just didn't want to stay in. We decided I should so I prayed and asked if it was the right decision. Tears flowed from my eyes. I just felt Heavenly Father's love for me. I knew that He could see the intents of my heart. He knew I wanted to go work and teach. I ended up resting in bed reading missionary letters because it was like I was working through their letters. I rested and just ate a little and drank a lot of water and stayed down with lights off. Around 9:15 pm we reported numbers and I closed my eyes till Sister Frampton was done so we could plan. Well I fell deep asleep and next thing I knew I woke up and the lights were off. It was only 10:00 pm but Sister Frampton was exhausted. I was still tired so I got out of bed, prayed, and then went back to sleep. I told Heavenly Father that I feel I am truly changing even more through the mission because I did not want to stay inside. I wanted to work. It was a good thing I rested though. I would be much worse today if I hadn't of rested. I just can't move too fast, be too loud, or stress too much.

We're running tight on time. I have had a great week and I've set some goals to help me be more diligent this week. I'm so excited to just go head first again this week into the greatest work on earth! It's the best feeling ever! I've decided I'm never coming home. Well.. I asked President if they allow extensions anymore, and he said usually not. Doesn't mean I can't still pray about it though - Haha

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am making myself a birthday steak this week. Roni bought me steak when she came and I plan to figure out how to cook it. I bought steak marinade and I have cooking oil, and lemon pepper, and salt and pepper. I love y'all so much and I miss y'all like crazy too. But there is work to be done. Have the best week ever! It's my birthday week so it will be good anyways - Haha.  Have a great week celebrating my existence!! Make it good!  Love you!

~Sister Rokovitz~

At the Frogue's with their puppies.


With Sister Knight, a missionary from Grandma and Grandpa's town.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Roni's Visit And A New Companion

(Mom's note: The first story you'll read is about our dear friend, Roni, and her son,Alex. I have known Roni for about 8 1/2 years....but what is unique about our friendship is that we have never met in person. Roni lives in Indiana and we live in Utah. Roni bought doll clothes from me online and through small messages back and forth, we became great friends and have continued with frequent emails back and forth over the years. Roni has watched my family grow up online. She is Catholic, we are Mormon. She has the utmost respect for us and our beliefs and we have the same respect for her and her beliefs. I love this dear friend with all of my heart. Someday, I will meet her in person. Through miracles, Amber was able to get permission from her mission president for Roni to come to Tennessee from Indiana and have a very brief visit for a couple hours this past Saturday. They did a tour of the church and Roni and Alex took Amber and her companion out to dinner. This is the first time Roni has met, in person, a member of my family. It was as if they had known each other all their lives.)

I just can't wait. I have to tell you about Roni! MIRACLE! So we were teaching Austin around 1:00 pm and I saw a car pull up. It was them!!! But they eventually pulled out. We were setting up photos and everything and then I was going to do a couple practice rounds of the tour. Well as we were hanging up photos she calls, and says "We're here!" I FLIPPED OUT!!! She arrived an hour early! I hadn't written my testimony in the Book of Mormon or wrapped it! The sisters were coming with the gift bag. So I went out and met her and she had a huge smile on! She hugged me SO tight! Thanks for that one - Mommy hugs. She said, "Alex only wants to shake your hand if you wash the frog pee off." (Amber caught a frog recently and it peed on her) Hahahaa so they come in and sit down for a minute... Alex looked shy. Roni immediately asked "So what's all this?" We said "We'll show you!" We went to the primary room and talked about families and what you do each Sunday with the kids. We then went to the gym and they walked in and out... haha right past the photos where we were going to talk about prophets. But that's ok. I felt like they needed to rush through it as fast as possible. We went to the Relief Society room and had the chairs set up facing the open font. She walked in and said "Wow!" She sat down and we talked about baptism and Christ's baptism. She loved it so much. She just kept saying wow! Next was the Young Women room where we talked about Joseph Smith and the first vision. She was telling me about how she's seen me change and she teared up. I then told her about the first vision and quoted it and I teared up and bore my testimony of the power of the priesthood and the Book of Mormon. Lastly we went to the chapel. She walked in and her breath was taken away. She was just in awe. She said. "I felt this good feeling in all the other rooms but it's stronger in here." I said "That's the spirit." She said "Can I sit down for a minute and soak it in?" We all figured out they had jumped back an hour traveling here. So that's why she was rushing, but once we got to the chapel we had more time. She sat in the chapel for an hour. That's where we all talked about our different beliefs. I played 2 piano songs for her (I made them up on the spot ) and then I talked to her while Sister Frampton talked to Alex. She told me how much she's seen me change. She said my inner beauty just shines and I glow with the spirit! She bought a really cute necklace for me that says "work in progress". All of her comments made me really think, "yeah the spirit is stronger in here and it does feel amazing." We went to dinner and had a blast talking and laughing. Alex really softened up by the end of the tour. The restaurant was wonderful! I had fun taking pictures and sending them and seeing you and Lisa! Afterwards, she spoiled me with Indiana meat and  t-shirts and cinnamon rolls. And she said "Alex even bought you a present." It was cheddar and caramel Indiana popcorn. Alex opened up and Sister Frampton was able  to give him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! I gave Roni a bag and she was so surprised to get a gift. In it was a Restoration DVD, an Articles of Faith card, and a Book of Mormon with my testimony and the testimonies of all the YSA's. But here's the cool part. She messaged me Friday and ASKED for a Book of Mormon!!!!!!!! She said she would treasure it and she would read it. She had tears in her eyes. It was so special. And now after so many years she got to see our church, feel the spirit, and receive a copy of the Book of Mormon. Oh goodness. Biggest miracle of my life! She's totally going to love the Book of Mormon! I told her it was my most prized possession and I treasure it above everything else. I know she appreciated it and I know she'll read it. Ah, it was incredible! I could say a lot more too but that's all the really important stuff. It was just unbelievable. They were going to stay and come to church Sunday actually, but then they thought they should head home.

The delicious cheesecake I ordered after dinner!

Roni, Alex and me with our gifts from each other.

The sweet necklace that Roni gave me.

Ok so cool miracle that happened a couple weeks ago. We were at the car dealership getting our car checked and we were waiting and I was reading the Book of Mormon to try to catch up for the challenge and a worker came to re-stock the fridge of water and asked me what I was reading. I was able to tell her about it and give her a copy and she was so thrilled! Just simple things like that open up so many teaching opportunities. It felt so good. And that day I had prayed for a teaching opportunity outside of our regular work and that I would recognize it. It was a very clear answer to my prayer.

Ok so about this week-

Monday we had a water fight for FHE and before, Richard had bought Sister Lefevor a goodbye cake and it was HUGE! I smeared a tiny bit of frosting on her face and she coated my whole face and hair in it! It got in my ears and up my nose! Thank goodness for the water. It washed it mostly out.

Cake faces - Sister LeFevor and me.

FHE water fight.

Tuesday was transfer meeting and it was good. I was standing there talking and Elder Tagaloa passes me and says "Oh hey, you're playing piano today." Haha I had to practice quick and I even got brave and added in a little bit during the song. I couldn't help but smile so much when they were all standing at the end singing Called to Serve with all their heart and I played that song with my whole soul! I loved it!
Playing the piano at transfer meeting.

I love my new companion, Sister Frampton! I'm so excited to be serving with her! I felt so at peace with transfers. I miss Sister Lefevor like crazy but I've just felt so good about this. She grew up in Hawaii and moved to Utah a few years ago. She is just filled with the spirit. She is so sweet and funny and full of great ideas for the YSA. We really do work together pretty well. I have a feeling it's going to be a great transfer. She has 3 brothers all younger than her. One is leaving on a mission next month to Chile and the other 2 are 15 year old twins. She has been out for 8 months. I love her! On the way home we were SQUOOSHED!!! We had 6 people in a car with 2 sets of luggage! It was crazy! We got to go to Sweet Cece's for free frozen yogurt that day too! Made my whole day!

Me with my new companion, Sister Frampton, at Sweet Cece's

We got home and Gwen finally texted us and said we could come over! It was good to talk to her. We talked about her receiving answers and having the faith to live the law of chastity. It went pretty well but she still won't live it. Richard also texted us that night and said "I can't read the Book of Mormon anymore." He got anti-ed....... We also taught Calvin. Whenever we talk about the Book of Mormon he just gets a huge smile on his face! He loves the gospel! I'm so excited for him. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so good.

Wednesday we had district meeting and I was just feeling the spirit. I think Elder Christiansen will do a good job as district leader. I was so excited for the transfer and to set goals and become better. We saw Gwen again and talked about the law of Moses, how it's been fulfilled. Sister Frampton is loaded with answers. Gwen had a list of questions and we were able to use the scriptures to answer them and bring her back to Christ. It's so cool to see how those scriptures just confound everything that's confusing or false. It must be the word of God right? We knocked on Caleb's door and he just watched us through the peephole for like 4 minutes. I kept staring back at him and knocking. He never answered. So I want to go back and stay till he answers because if his car is there, he is. That night was full of drama. Austin got back with a girl who broke his heart. Oh, it's Lexi. I've talked about her before. Everyone was so worried. She got kicked out of her boyfriend/fake husband's house and then after the night with Austin, she went back to that guy.

Thursday - this day was a long day.... We didn't do a lot of teaching. Although I did have miracles on Facebook. Richard's girlfriend added me and messaged me to learn more. MY FIRST ONLINE INVESTIGATOR!!!! She's actually really sweet and interested in what we know. I've been teaching her ever since and it shocked Richard. But he thinks it is good. We had volleyball that night and Jhari and Asia came! We showed them around the church and also Steven and Eli came and Richard was there. Richard mostly stayed out in the hall and asked the elders questions he already knows the answers to. It was rough... but 5 non-members at volleyball!!! That is really good!

Friday Roni messaged me asking for a Book of Mormon and I was just blown away. It was so cool. We had weekly planning and we came up with transfer goals for ourselves and the companionship. It's going to be good. We also made a really good plan on how to contact the less active's in the area and how to get the YSA's involved on Facebook with our investigators as well. It's going to take a lot of work but it will be good. And we're so excited to move into our new apartment to set up our space for this all the time. I'm so excited! We taught Calvin and showed him the Restoration DVD. He loved it. He said he can't come to church on Sunday but he is coming to Institute (which I hope he likes because I get bored super fast). We had dinner with Andrea and her daughters. Andrea is excommunicated and comes to the YSA. She is an excellent cook and we are just waiting for the OK from our bishop to teach her. When we pulled up, 7 little black kids swarmed us and became our friends. Haha they are so cute!                                                          
We also met with Richard! He admitted he knew the Book of Mormon was true and that he just doesn't want to get mocked. We showed him a video about how Christ had the same things happen and how he did it alone. He then posted this on Facebook after our lesson: Question to all you Christians out there. How do you know if the Book of Mormon is true or false? You can't go by research on the internet. You have to read it and find out for yourself. Pray before reading it. Ask God if it is true. You have to read it with an open mind and open heart. You will feel so much happier. Cause God wrote it. God don't quit speaking to us. God speaks to me each and everyday. Y'all can mock me all you want to. Jesus went through Hell for us. So I can go through Hell too.  ~  Amazing right?! And he also posted this: Well all I can say, God is using me to change the world to good. It's a never ending battle. But God gives me my strength. I told this guy named Eric about the Book of Mormon. I said dude you should so read the Book of Mormon. It will change your life. Like it did mine. I got a maybe from him. But I believe he will read it.   ~   Richard is back on track! 

Saturday was fun. We taught Austin and he's not with Lexi anymore. Then Roni came and you know that story. It was amazing! We lastly met with Richard and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He was being difficult, just like always. He knows it's true. I think the thing he really struggles to understand is the priesthood. But it will happen. I went to bed so happy that night. I can't believe Roni came. It went so fast. But it was so great and wonderful!

Sunday we were combined with the family ward to support a YSA who was giving his mission farewell talk. They had no pianist and were going to play audio hymns over the speaker, but then everyone started pointing to me. I ran up there and miraculously played all 4 hymns. One I had never heard before. I pondered on how far I've come. If I was asked to do that 4 years ago, or even 2 years ago up at school, I would have shaken and got a migraine and felt sick. Now I put complete trust in the Lord that I can do ANYTHING! I can play hymns last minute. I can do them without a ton of mistakes and without shaking or getting a migraine. It's so cool how Heavenly Father has even transformed my talents. We had no investigators come to church. That's the worst as a missionary. You just hope so bad they will come and no one comes. We did have a less active there though and it was unexpected! I'm so happy! We have to work hard to keep her now. We also saw Aaron real quick, and Tre told us he isn't interested. Bummer. Oh and we went to see Sara who wasn't home but the black kids were there from Andrea's neighbor's house. They swarmed our car and asked if we had anything for them. So I gave them all Jesus Cards. Haha They melted my heart! I love them!


I was reading yesterday in the Pearl of Great Price and even though I was just reading about the creation, I learned so many new things. It's cool to see how God can expand your knowledge on such a simple subject... yet it's so complex. It's one of the first basic things we're taught and I'm still learning about it! Crazy!!! I have just come to love the scriptures so much. Like so much that I can't stand to have anyone not know about them. This last week I've thought a lot about the gospel. How can people not want it? How can people not put in the effort to have it in their lives fully? It bugs me so badly! People just don't know what they're missing. When I get home, I'm doing less active work with the ward. I'm going to help find those lost ones and bring them back because this gospel is NOT something to miss out on. I just wish everyone could see it. That would be the greatest.

I just want you to know that the gospel is changing me. Incredibly. If I get home and study the scriptures for 4-5 hours of my free time... just let me. Haha I'm going to be weird like that. I have seen the literal transforming power of the atonement. It's crazy how it works! Now I understand why the Book of Mormon prophets and missionaries went to such great lengths to share the gospel. I want to be that way too. I want to do it all the time, even when I get home! And I'm probably going to drag you with me to do it too. Haha so get ready! I love this gospel more than anything else. I love my Father in Heaven and I know He cares about me. I know Christ is my Savior. And I can say I KNOW that, as compared to the beginning of my mission when I didn't even know if He was real. I know He is and I know His atonement covers everything.

I just had the best week. I have been full of happiness and gratitude for all the blessings I have. This is the greatest time ever! I never want it to end! July is almost over..... Mind. Blowing. AH! Haha Well this is huge and I spent a long time on it. I love you so much! Have a great week!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Miracles, Tender Mercies, Hard Times and All

This week has been amazing!  Miracles and tender mercies and hard times and all. But it's just strengthened my testimony and made me happy! First of all I was wishing I had pizza this week because I really love pizza and I miss it. I was really wanting pizza! Well, 5 minutes ago some ward member just brought 3 boxes of pizza into the church for us! The Lord loves me! Haha miracles everywhere! I just had 3 pieces and I could still have more! I love pizza!!!

So with all of the miracles this week, I have come to realize how true this gospel is. It's so plain and clear that I just don't understand how people don't get it. As I've been turned down and had the door slammed in my face this week it just breaks my heart that people are so hard hearted and won't even open their hearts to just hear us out. But these are the times my testimony becomes unwavering. I've realized the importance of the Book of Mormon this week. I'm trying to complete the challenge to finish the whole book by tomorrow that President Andersen challenged us to. I've been reading so much that it's just become alive! I love the whole book! I have 66 pages left. I'm going to finish.

Elder Evans in Foxcroft messaged me and told me Cathy had a baptism date for Saturday. She has to quit smoking and she messaged me yesterday and said "I can't quit smoking!" So I'm working with her online to quit. We're taking it one day at a time. I'm going to surprise her by going to her baptism but she won't know I'm coming. It's going to be awesome. It's been pushed back to next Saturday so hopefully she'll make it.

Ok now about the week! I'm so excited to tell you!

On Monday we taught Amanda the plan of salvation and she loved it. She is still set right now for baptism except she didn't come to church yesterday and she hasn't responded to our text. We're supposed to meet with her tonight. I hope she still can. Last time she was so excited to learn about the commandments. So we're excited to teach her. She's so golden! Also, that night for FHE we played capture the flag outside. I was raised by my Father so I found it necessary to cheat and cut through the building. One of our YSA's saw us inside and got so mad that we were cheating. He walked off mad and started walking home. So we went to Sonic for shakes and decided to buy him one and find him since he lives close to us. We found him and it was so hard to have the charity to just forget it even though I wanted to give him a piece of my mind! He was so thankful for it and said he felt forgotten and alone and he had been praying just to know that he was loved. He said that was an answer to his prayer. I felt so much better after. It was humbling because I did not want to do that for him. But we did and it made the world of difference. He is such a great member missionary too.

Tuesday we had seen some apartments we wanted to tract, but when we actually went there that day, all the windows were broken and boarded up and cars were dented... not a good place to be. There was just a dark feeling there. We left so fast! And also a cop in the parking lot with lights on is just not a good sign.
We taught Gwen that night. We taught the law of Chastity and we were really nervous for it actually. We went through the whole lesson and asked at the end if she would live the law of chastity and she flat out said no. First time that's ever happened. I was shocked and didn't know what to do! It was so awkward. We left so devastated.... I remember driving home that night just so torn down! And then I saw fireworks! Heavenly Father knows I love fireworks and so it was just a sweet little tender mercy that He gave me to say "Hey I'm still here. I love you."

Wednesday we had Zone meeting and it was really good. I played my musical number and I hadn't played it since Sacrament meeting in the Foxcroft ward in Illinois. It went well! I had a headache though because one wild sister kept banging on my head and pretend-choking me and stuff. We tried to do some finding that day but it was a rough day. In institute they talked about how those in the Spirit World are being taught the gospel right now. I asked Austin what he thought about that and he said it's still all so new. I hope we can help him prepare his family names right now so they're ready to go when he gets a temple recommend.

For Thursday, this is where the miracle of Richard starts. He is a Lutheran street minister here. He's been taught for a while and he is a bible basher. He just wouldn't open his heart and he would not read the Book of Mormon. Well, we met to ask him about good service opportunities. At the end he said "maybe I should give the Book of Mormon another try." Sister Lefevor told him he should read it. He came to FHE that night with headphones on and said "I'm in chapter 3. This stuff is amazing!" He has been listening to it online! It was so cool to see the immediate change it brought within him! We also taught Calvin on Thursday. He was a referral from the Fort Campbell sisters. He is religious and he said he's been baptized. We re-taught the restoration and really focused on baptism and the priesthood. We committed him to baptism on August 2nd. He said he didn't know if he could be ready by then. We testified that he could and he agreed. And when he did, he was smiling so much! I realized that he was able to commit because when we testified that he could be ready, we meant it. I KNEW he could be ready and I often struggle with seeing the vision of others ready so fast. It was so cool!

Friday was my 10 month mark! It's just getting more real and more fast. Ten months. That's double digits and that means I only have 8 months left. When I think of that I almost want to cry. I often picture the day I come home and how great it's going to be. Yeah, that day will be in the airport to see you after so long... but the days after that will just be normal life... school work and boring. I don't want to come home ever. I want to serve until the Savior comes again!!! I want to be found working my hardest when He comes again. I know I can still work hard at home, but the spirit is different with the tag on. I recently decided to wear my tag 24/7... to bed and all because it's the only time I'll get to wear it. So I'm going to while I can.

We also secured an apartment on Friday! It's farther away and not the one we thought we would get. But it is 2 bed, 2 1/2 bath which is so much better. The rooms won't fit our beds but Sister Johnson in the office suggested going "orphan style" and put all the beds in the living room! I was against it at first but it's the only time I'll have that opportunity and it will be fun. She's in the process of getting it. So we'll move at the end of this week or sometime next week.

We also met with Richard again on Friday. He told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true but didn't think he could be Mormon and he said he definitely couldn't be a missionary in a white shirt and tie. At the end he said "I'm going to pray and ask how Joseph Smith saw God." I said "Maybe you should ask IF he did."

Saturday - Oh boy. This day has a lot of stuff. We met with Jhari and Asia and took a member with us. We did the restoration and they loved it! We re-set their baptism dates for August 23rd and they are so stoked! They really are prepared!

We met a few nice people tracting. Hopefully they will become investigators! We tracted one complex and the first 16 doors didn't answer or they literally slammed the door. It was rough. We were so hot and sweaty. We finally met someone nice who listened. He protested a little when we gave him the pamphlet. He said "Jesus is black..." He said we could come back so hopefully his heart will be softened.

When we got home for dinner, we just both crashed on the cold tile floor for 15 minutes. We had really been out working hard. Those moments are the greatest. When you literally collapse from exhaustion! I love it. That's when I feel like Heavenly Father is proud of me!

One of our YSA's had brought 3 non members to FHE Thursday night and they all agreed to meet Saturday. Well, two other members heard about it and showed up too. So we taught 3 non members with 3 members there. Most stressful lesson ever! Steven, the one who our member really thought would benefit from the gospel, was the most interested. He accepted a Book of Mormon and a baptism date. He was so focused during the restoration video. Eli was semi interested. He didn't commit to baptism because he wants to learn more. But he took a Book of Mormon. Abraham was fine and then after the video he was so closed off! He wouldn't take a Book of Mormon and he didn't say anything after that.... But it was still cool!

We also taught Dae. I don't know if I talked about her last week. We tracted into her. We went back to teach the restoration and she said she really will try to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She is married so we'll have to hand her off to the other sister missionaries. But surprisingly she said if she knows it's true, she'll get baptized.

We also taught Gwen...... It was weird. We did the commandments and Keep the Sabbath day holy. She agreed with everything... then I just broke down into pure testimony that she was missing out on so many blessings and that Heavenly Father wants to answer her but maybe breaking the law of chastity is blocking that answer. We then had to explain that she could not be baptized if she did not keep it. She sunk. You could see it. Leaving was hard. She said she would come to church and she didn't. We stopped by last night and she was home but she didn't answer. We're so worried about her. Please pray for her! That night was devastating... But Richard made our night right as we were praying before bed. He texted us the following night saying "I'm ready. I want to do a mission trip for 2 years" WHAT?!

On Sunday Richard came to church and we discussed that he had to do some other things before a mission. He actually ended up saying "I'm ready. Baptism August 9." Ok pause. This is the kind of person that all the Clarksville missionaries know about and he is the trial of every missionary's faith. He was standing in the foyer at church telling all our investigators with a smile on his face how amazing the Book of Mormon was and how much it makes a difference and that it's true. He told us he understands Ezekiel's prophecy with the two sticks becoming one. He holds us his phone with the scriptures app and said "prophecy fulfilled!" NO ONE EVER THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS THAT RICHARD WOULD BE BAPTIZED!!!!! This is the biggest miracle of all of Clarksville!!!!! We are still blown away by it! He's posted 3 times about the Book of Mormon and it's so cool to see how powerful that book really is! I can't wrap my mind around it!!!
We also stopped by Jeff and Miranda. She's going to work on morning prayers right now to work on becoming active. I'm so happy she's showing progress! Her countenance is changing!

Ok so I've killed you this whole email. You want to know about transfers don't you? Ok I'll tell you. Sister Lefevor is getting transferred. NO!!!!!!! We've been so sad!!!! She's going to Shelbyville with Sister Leible and I'm getting Sister Frampton. Both of our new companions look like our past companions. Sister Frampton looks like Sister Ferrin  hahahaha.

The church is so true and no other place offers greater happiness and blessings. It's incredible and Heavenly Father loves us each so much!!! I wish people could see that! That's why I'm here. That's why I won't quit. And that's why I'm going to be the crazy returned missionary who goes around teaching the gospel to everyone I meet.

Anyways. It's been a good week. Your example has paid off! I love you!

~Sister Rokovitz~

My Book of Mormon Story Challenge (From Facebook)

After being completely soaked from our water war. I really am soaked to the skin.

Cheetos Puffs contest. I won! I stuffed 18 Cheetos Puffs in my mouth. The things we do on p-day.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Great 4th of July

This week was so fantastic!                  

So we do have a new apartment but we don't have a set date when we get to move in. After the 23rd though. And guess what... since we found an apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms, they're moving both sets of sisters in! Hahahaha we are going to have so much fun!! We also will have a washer and dryer. We haven't looked at them but they are rented out by the same people as the ones we're in now. So we think they'll be pretty good. My only concern is fitting 4 desks in the family room... plus a couch. Obstacle course anyone?

Monday we went to Walgreens and parked our cars there and then walked to Gwen's to teach her before Family Home Evening. Since Monday was the last day of the month and we only had 3 miles left. So the Bolos's (the military missionary couple) took us to Family Home Evening and then left early! There were only two girls there who could take us home and they wanted to stay and play until 9:30 p.m. The sisters called and said they were stranded in the sketchy part of the neighborhood and asked us to rescue them. There was only one option... Run the mile and a half to our car!! Well twenty feet into the journey I fell into a hole that went up to my knee!!!! It hurt so bad! So I'm hobbling and running out of breath and my backpack was heavy and we had our shorts on under our skirts so our legs were hot. We ran and ran and ran. Oh my goodness.. I was so sweaty! The other sisters found us about a quarter mile from our car and took us to it and the sisters got home safe. We barely made it home before 9:30 p.m. Hahaha

Tuesday we taught one of our Less-active members named Kayla. We planned on being very bold. Sister Lefevor was very nervous. We got there and Sister Lefevor almost chickened out. We did the plan and she actually accepted it and set a date to be temple worthy! She is working on receiving her patriarchal blessing. Sister  Lefevor was so relieved when it went well. We then headed to the church to have 2 member lessons. We pull up and get out and I realized that I needed to go back to the car and get my notebook. I went to get my notebook, shut the door and realized it was the wrong notebook. Back into the car I go. Except, it's locked. And oh, look up, there's a huge black cloud moving rapidly over us. I called Elder Johnson, the car manager, and asked what to do.. it started to sprinkle and then I noticed there were 4 cops across the street arresting someone! So I ran to ask for help and told Elder Johnson I'd call him back. As soon as I got to the cop it just poured like I've never seen it pour before!!! It was so crazy!!!! I was soaked through! The cop gave us 2 lock smith numbers and then we went running inside the church! The lock smith said he would be there in an hour. The storm was so bad! Haha but we sat down with our members, taught the restoration, and had a good lesson. The lock smith showed up and we went outside. The storm was over. He jiggled a wire around a little bit and then unlocked it. He then said "alright, that will be $50" I was supposed to call Elder Johnson back and get that approved BEFORE I called the lock smith. Haha he took care of it but it was so funny!

Wednesday we taught Gwen. She has a LOT of questions.... about transgender people, gays, abortion, birth control, etc. After trying to give our best opinion, we came home and realized that all we need to do is link her back to Christ. When she understands God's plan, all those questions will be answered. We also taught her how to search for answers on the gospel library because she has that on her phone. She came to a baptism on Saturday with two talks she had found with answers. She is so good about doing her homework and finding everything! Lastly we had institute at a graveyard... searching for families as we do family history.

Thursday I had an exchange. Sister Lefevor went to Hopkinsville with Hermana Reed and I stayed with Hermana Ayre. We taught a Less-active and it went pretty well, but I still don’t think that LA is going to make much progress yet. We also taught a Spanish lady that the Spanish elders wanted Hermana Ayre to visit. I just sat there with an awkward smile the whole time. Totally didn't understand anything!! Haha And at the end when she went to hug us, she did the Spanish kiss-on-the-cheek thing. Hermana Ayre had it down... I just gave her an awkward cheek hug.... she looked weirded out too, hahaha it was too funny! We also taught our recent convert, Austin, on base. He messaged me on FB and told me about how his whole family died last year... his whole family. In a car wreck. He's the only one left. Hermana Ayre suggested the video about Essa and then said, "well I'm not sure.." I said "Yes! I can totally relate because that's my hometown! I know her sister!" We shared the video and he loved it. Then, he asked if when he makes it to the temple if I could be baptized for his mom and sister. I love helping converts seal their families and give them the chance to hear the gospel! Then that night we stopped by Miranda (LA) and Jeff's (investigator) and they came out on the porch. We had asked Miranda last time if she wanted to have the lessons to help her progress. She smiled and said yes. So this time we taught the restoration. She was more happy and talkative than I've ever seen her! They both participated and agreed to pray about it and watch the DVD. It was so cool to see the spark of testimony coming back and to see her so happy about it!

Friday we had a fourth of July pancake breakfast combined with the 1st ward. It was a good turn out. That's where we met Asia but she talked to her friend the whole time.
Me and Sister Christensen matched.
I actually got to go on the military base too! It just looks like more of Clarksville behind a wall. There are neighborhoods and everything. I didn't see any of the places where they practice though because the base is HUGE. We also got to go to dinner with Gwen. She has a ton of hard questions, but she is still on for her baptism on my birthday! Like I said before, she came to a baptism on Saturday and she loved it. I could tell she felt the spirit.
Chocolate covered strawberries with Gwen.

After Gwen we went to the Bolos's for a BBQ. Only 2 YSA's were there. And we had to leave to be in by 8 p.m.. We went in, and I was so sad to not be outside because the minute we went in, the fireworks began! And they have good fireworks here because there are no laws. But at least we could see some from our window. And the biggest thing of Fourth of July... Sister Lefevor got a package and it had water guns and water balloons in it.. And we have tile floors.. So we didn't care. She attacked me! She soaked me! But I soaked her with a water balloon. Last night we popped water balloons on each other before bed so we went to bed soaking wet! Hahaha oh and we played catch the water balloon in the dark... And I missed. So we ran across the water and had a slip and slide in our apartment!! Good thing we don't have carpet! We're also going to recreate the water slide again today and have a Cheetos Puffs eating contest. Hahaha I'm so excited.

Water war 4th of July night. I tried to protect myself with towels.

Roasting s'mores on the stove with a butcher knife on the 4th of July, inside.

It was special to have the holiday so close to a military base. I have never understood military and never really cared about the soldiers. But now that I know them and know what they go through and do, it was so much more meaningful and I was more grateful for the holiday. I really made sure to thank Heavenly Father for that blessing.
Saturday was so good! The zone leaders had a baptism. That's the one that Gwen came to. I always feel better when investigators see a baptism.  We then went and talked to Amanda. I don't think I've mentioned her before! We were looking for a LA who lived at her house. They moved and she is YSA and we introduced the gospel to her. We have tried her 4 or 5 times and each time she's busy but said "I do want to talk", I didn't think she was interested. At all. Well we knocked and she was so excited to see us! She asked if we had time to talk and so we taught her the whole restoration and she agreed with it all. She has recently been thinking about looking into religion and she was excited to read the Book of Mormon. She had read the bible that week and felt good about it. We explained that it was the spirit. When we talked about baptism she said she hadn't been baptized or even attended one! She said if it was essential, she would really want to look into it... We committed her to baptism on the 26th of July and invited her to church. She came to church and has read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon!! She said it's way easier to understand than the bible and she loves it. WHAT?! Wait this can happen to someone we're teaching?! No way! We are going to teach her tonight and we have a member coming!!! Whoo hoo!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! This has really helped my faith grow! I have learned to see the potential in everyone rather than thinking they are just not the type to change. Anyone can change!! I'm so excited for Amanda!

We were also very bold with another LA Saturday night.... Renee. She hasn't progressed. It was rough. She cried because we explained we couldn't come as often. I think it will be good though. I read in Alma this week about how sometimes we have to suffer the consequences of our actions, and God allows it, but it compels us to be humble and repent. I really liked that. It's also like the Mormon message called "The will of God." Sometimes God has to cut us down in order to create who we're supposed to be.

On Sunday church was fantastic. Like I mentioned, Amanda was there and the testimony meeting was so spirit packed! Same with Sunday school. It was about the sacrament. She asked at the end if it was bad for her to take it since she wasn't a member. One of our YSA's described it better than I ever could have. We normally say "it's not bad, it just doesn't mean anything for you" As in there are no covenants behind it. Well he explained it as a way for nonmembers to show their love towards Heavenly Father and their commitment to follow Christ. Genius right? Right. That night we got to see a YSA open her mission call. She was baptized last August and is now leaving on September 10th to serve in the Washington Spokane mission. She is going to be fantastic!!! I'm so proud of her!
Sister Lefevor, Abbie, me and Sister Frogue the night Abbie opened her mission call.

This week I learned something. How much God loves us. As we have been working with Less actives, I have come to learn how badly He wants us back at church, etc. I was thinking about those people who are in jail or who do drugs and how you hear those stories about those who suddenly call upon God and they're lives turn around. DUH! It makes sense! God is up there, watching us suffer the consequences of our actions, and then when we finally decide to reach out to Him, He answers ever so lovingly, "My child! I'm here! It will be ok." He loves us! He will never abandon us! He is waiting. There is no reason people should feel they can't pray. God isn't vengeful. He's loving and waiting. It's so amazing. I noticed this during the week and it made the world of difference as I prayed and sought help. Anyways, this week has been packed full of so many good laughs, spiritual moments, lessons and just wonderfulness. I encourage everyone to really search for God's hand in your life this week. You will find it. I promise that. Ask for your weaknesses to become strong. I did that this morning. I have a hard time concentrating during studies. As I asked for that weakness to become strong, it was. I was fine during studies and I learned so much! Heavenly Father is aware of each of us. How do you see that?

I love y'all and I hope you have the best week ever! Time to go play Chubby Bunny and have a water war!

~Sister Rokovitz~

John Wayne. This one is for you, Dad.

I finally found my street on my mission.

A giant bug on my arm. I freaked out! But my first reaction was, "Sister, take a picture."

Sister Lefevor and I with the Frogues. Brother Frogue is the 3rd counselor in the 1st ward who has been called to be over the YSA group. Sister Frouge teaches Sunday School and I love them with ALL my heart. They are the people with the thickest southern accents I've met. I love it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are You Going To Serve God or Be Idle?

Sorry last week was so short! I was dying! I have recovered though!

I'm excited for the 4th! Well... not as excited as I used to be. We were going to go in at 6 p.m., but then President extended it to 8 p.m. I wanted to go in early and catch up on my journal and my Book of Mormon reading!!! I'm so far behind on both!

So... Joe wasn't home this week. We texted him but he never responded. So we are going to try again this week. We also turned Lexi over to the sisters in her area since she's married now. They met her yesterday but I don't know what happened.

Something cool that happened Sunday... TWO YSA'S GOT THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!!! We're getting so close to becoming a Branch. We have to have 7 Melchizedek priesthood holders. So we're at 5... we're so close. Got to re-activate those less actives! It was cool to be in the room and to feel the spirit. I won’t forget that moment. It was incredible.

So let's see, this week - We... are.... moving! We are in the process of looking for an apartment. There are 3 sets of missionaries in the neighborhood. The zone leaders had the window below them shot out, and we swear we heard gun shots one night! I did the Scooby Doo inside the apartment and accidentally slammed Sister Lefevor's rear end in the door. We have planned each night with the lights off. So we're all getting moved away.

We had 2 referrals given to us this week: Asia and Jhari. They are 2 YSA girls and they have a baptism date! We haven't met them yet, but we are hopefully going to tonight.

Last Monday we had a great FHE! We played Minute-To-Win-It games. One of our YSA's left to go back to school at BYU-I (good choice). I had to skip our appointment with Gwen though.

Tuesday we had dinner at a Less-active's and she is just going no where. We decided during weekly planning that we need to be a lot more bold with those we teach. Loving, but bold. There are too many people who aren't progressing who think it's ok to just wait until they're ready. So we're going to give them a choice to act or to wait until they are ready. We decided we should spend our time with the progressing people and finding those who are prepared to hear the gospel.

Wednesday we visited a Less-active who is YSA age but has 3 kids. We taught her about the importance of scriptures using rocks and rice. How in the world does one teach this? We had her put rice in a jar which represented her small tasks, and then had her try to fit 5 large rocks in, that represented work, family, scriptures, church, praying. She couldn't do it. So we had her put the rocks in first and then the rice and she was able to fit it all in! She understood. So we gave her a children's Book of Mormon to read with her kids nightly. She's not keeping up on it... But we'll keep trying with her. We also had Institute which was so boring! We are learning about Family History, and the teacher keeps making it sound like we're actually going to do it but she just stands and talks about it for an hour and a half. It's a good experience to learn patience and how to listen and pay attention.

Thursday we had a FHE with the family ward. We had an investigator show up who dropped the missionaries a while back. I never knew him. But he was going to get baptized and then just said one day "stop bugging me". Well, he just came! He said he doesn't believe a lot of things and he will never stop chewing tobacco. And he does not want to learn any more... I have come to notice this week that a lot of people are just too lazy to live up to God's standards. A young man in my first area told me over Facebook that he is atheist and that the standards of the church were too extensive and invading. I said, "Yeah God's standards can be pretty hard to live up to." It's so sad to see the world crumbling SO fast!

Friday we had our weekly planning, and we prepared bold messages to help everyone who is idle to decide to serve God or to wait. It’s going to be hard. We are worried about one Less-active in particular because she got offended and will never come to Relief Society again, and her Mom got offended and will never come to church again. So we have to be gentle, but these people need to make a decision. I know for a fact that I will never become a Less-active. My testimony will never waver. If I ever get offended, I will still attend church because I go for God, not for the people there. I have made that decision and I will stand by it for eternity.

I encourage all to decide today what you will do. If you're a member of the church, promise to stay strong no matter what. If you're Less-active, do what it takes to get back to church. If you really love God, you will be there just as Christ said in John 14:15 "if ye love me, keep my commandments". If you are not a member of the church, find out if it's true. Show your devotion to God and find His true gospel. Do what it takes to get an answer. Sacrifice what you must to keep your testimony strong.

As for Saturday and Sunday, we found a lot of potentials. We re-contacted Caleb. He was shocked that we were so persistent. He hadn't read. But he will. We're going back in a week and a half. He really wants to keep his end of the promise since we're so diligent in coming back. Sunday we also met a girl named Dae (Day). She let us in and we talked for an hour. She's basically a dry Mormon. She is living right and knows how to keep her marriage strong in God. She's going to the sisters though because she's married.

You reminded me to tell you about my study last Sunday! I... Forgot my notebook and the Ensign magazine, haha so I don't remember it! I do know that I read the talk "Teaching With Power and Authority" in conference. It was good.

This week we've tried to focus more on the people and the area. Miracles have happened. We had so many referrals from the other missionaries and we've seen Heavenly Father helping us along. He's also helped me have the motivation to tract! I hate tracting but we've done it faithfully for an hour each day. No matter how hot it is. It's worth it.

I don't want this to end. Can you ask President Monson if I can stay out forever? I'd appreciate that. I have seen the tender mercies of the Lord so much this past week and I hope you can too in your day. Have a great week! I love you.

~Sister Rokovitz~

Camels at the zoo....Hump Day!!! Woot Woot!!

This is what humidity does to my straightened hair.

The other sister missionaries decorated our door. "Keep calm and Mormon on!"