Monday, July 28, 2014

Flour Wars, Tobacco Fields and Flat Tires

This week was so good! We officially got news that we are moving Thursday or Friday. I don't know our new address but it will be in the email next week for sure. It's going to be stressful, but I'm going to try to just be calm. As long as I can organize my space and part of the kitchen, I'll be ok.

Ok about my week:
Monday: We got to see Amanda! She's started a 3rd job so she's pretty busy. She's still interested... but just busy. So hopefully we can teach her this week. For FHE we had a flour fight! It was loads of fun! We were coated in it. It was so much fun though! A lot of YSA were involved and even our investigator Aaron. I don't know if I've talked about him before... I will though. It was just a good night.

After the FHE flour fight - I'm third from the left on the front row. 

Tuesday: We taught Richard about the importance of the priesthood. He was being a little rough to work with, but he is getting there. He needs to gain a testimony and have a spiritual experience. I can't figure out how to do that for him though. This evening we also taught Aaron. The CV1 sisters found him and we have been trying to contact him for weeks. He said he was looking for a church but he didn't really seem motivated. So he FINALLY came to FHE and we FINALLY got to teach him! The Restoration lesson we had with him was super powerful. We all definitely felt the spirit. He committed to baptism but we didn't set a specific date yet. He is coming to FHE again tonight and we'll set up another time to meet with him. Gwen has been ignoring us. She had an appointment and we went and pounded and pounded... and then called her. She texted back way later and said "Sorry I was in my closet organizing clothes." She's always heard the door before... how can she not hear it now?

Wednesday: This day was long... District meeting, and then we typed up a Less Active list and that took forever. We are going to find these people! That has been one of our main focuses. We have 604 Less Active's and we are just trying to figure out if they've moved, or are married, or active in home wards, etc. It's a process but it's coming right along. We also had Institute. It was pretty good. Calvin was supposed to come but he has a horrible sense of direction and it took him 3 hours to find it. He showed up as we were walking out. Austin found his grandpa on family history though! He was really excited and hopefully he can get his family names ready for the temple. Found out he's adopted and it's his adopted family that all died, his birth family is still living but he's not super close to them.

Thursday: This day we went to the library for Facebook teaching. It was voting day for city stuff. People were all over with their signs outside waving. Haha felt like we were in a parade! Facebook was so good. Sister Frampton is teaching me how to be more outgoing and more of myself. Richard texted us and said he had an emergency. We got to the church to meet with him and he said he... messed  up. It just broke my heart to see how broken he was. He truly felt Godly sorrow. We read over the repentance process and it all made sense to him. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and he came to church yesterday. He is slowly changing. While we were talking to Richard, I just felt this overwhelming confirmation of how true the gospel is and how real the Atonement is too. It was made for mistakes and so that we can be forgiven and choose happiness again. It's incredible! I just KNEW at that point that forgiveness happens and that we can repent and truly change. Richard is on his way back up. We also had dinner at the Frogues. Oh my goodness. They live way out in the country in Kentucky and they have the best farm house. We got to pick cherry tomatoes and see the town. She knows EVERYONE there. She grew up there. They even have a road! Frogue Road! Haha And there are Mennonites who drive their tractors all around town. We went to the square and it was bike night. We got ice cream and then headed back down to Tennessee. I'm moving in with them when I'm done with my mission. I'll help Brother Frogue harvest tobacco :) hahaha But seriously.

Kentucky road and green fields.

Mennonite driving his tractor.

Me with Sister Frogue on Frogue Rd.

Me and Sister Frampton out in Brother Frogue's tobacco field.

With Brother Frogue in the tobacco field.

Friday:  I felt like at the first half of the week I was just missing one thing but I couldn't figure it out. On Wednesday our district leader said the Zone attribute for the transfer is "diligence". It clicked! Diligence! That's what I'm lacking! Still it wasn't making a difference. Well Friday we had interviews with President. He is an inspired man. I had 3 questions for him. #1. How do I have good studies and stay motivated for them? #2. How do I have the motivation to obey the small things? #3. How do I be more diligent? His answer to all three consisted of just doing it. When I told him I felt like I lacked diligence he said he didn't see that. But he got me really motivated and thinking about things. Ever since then I've been on fire! I just desire to work! I want to get people pumped about the gospel and I have the perfect companion right now to help me do that. When I asked President about studies, he told me to pray and ask to learn something new and then pay attention to the spirit. I tried it and it worked! I was totally excited for studies. I started the Book of Mormon again and today as I studied 1 Nephi 8, I was really hoping I would learn something new. I did! I learned so much more than I had before! One thing I learned was that we don't need to leave the gospel to rescue others. We don't have to lower our standards. We just have to stand our ground, set the example, and beckon to them! I felt so great at the end of my studies. Also, I popped our tire on a sharp curb on Thursday and so we had to get it fixed. It took the shop 2 1/2 hours to fix it. We missed interviews and had to travel to another church building and meet President there.

I popped it!

Dad, I was going to change the tire! I would not accept any help! Just as I was on the ground in my skirt getting ready to raise the jack, our neighbor pulled in and took over. I was so mad! He didn't let me touch anything. And he even did it wrong!!! He didn't tighten the bolts in a star pattern. I could have done it better. I'm going to pop another tire so I can do it on my own! Haha but it popped just as we pulled in our apartment. The car dinged and said "tire pressure low." I thought "Oh No....." opened my door, heard "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!" And knew it was a goner. Oh well.That's about all that day. We did have a scone party at a members home and we had 2 investigators there. It was a lot of fun to get to know our YSA's more and some people from 1st ward and just eat scones!

Saturday: We taught Calvin. Anytime we talk about the Book of Mormon he just smiles! He loves it so much! He missed church so baptism will be pushed back, but he's still progressing. He's making a lot of break through's from past life. It's so cool to see the gospel transform him! We also saw Jeff and Miranda and Annie. They are all doing pretty good. Well we saw Annie's mom. Annie wasn't home but her mom was babysitting grandkids. We went in and she told us more about her interests and what she's like. She came to church yesterday and she loves it! I'm so glad. Just one small visit did that. She's been coming more often. Just from us caring enough to look up her name and stop by and introduce ourselves. Missionary work can be the smallest things but the greatest difference.

Sunday:  I wasn't feeling good at all. We both felt it was necessary for me to rest because it was 95 degrees outside, but with the humidity it made it 102. We prayed and I just didn't want to stay in. We decided I should so I prayed and asked if it was the right decision. Tears flowed from my eyes. I just felt Heavenly Father's love for me. I knew that He could see the intents of my heart. He knew I wanted to go work and teach. I ended up resting in bed reading missionary letters because it was like I was working through their letters. I rested and just ate a little and drank a lot of water and stayed down with lights off. Around 9:15 pm we reported numbers and I closed my eyes till Sister Frampton was done so we could plan. Well I fell deep asleep and next thing I knew I woke up and the lights were off. It was only 10:00 pm but Sister Frampton was exhausted. I was still tired so I got out of bed, prayed, and then went back to sleep. I told Heavenly Father that I feel I am truly changing even more through the mission because I did not want to stay inside. I wanted to work. It was a good thing I rested though. I would be much worse today if I hadn't of rested. I just can't move too fast, be too loud, or stress too much.

We're running tight on time. I have had a great week and I've set some goals to help me be more diligent this week. I'm so excited to just go head first again this week into the greatest work on earth! It's the best feeling ever! I've decided I'm never coming home. Well.. I asked President if they allow extensions anymore, and he said usually not. Doesn't mean I can't still pray about it though - Haha

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am making myself a birthday steak this week. Roni bought me steak when she came and I plan to figure out how to cook it. I bought steak marinade and I have cooking oil, and lemon pepper, and salt and pepper. I love y'all so much and I miss y'all like crazy too. But there is work to be done. Have the best week ever! It's my birthday week so it will be good anyways - Haha.  Have a great week celebrating my existence!! Make it good!  Love you!

~Sister Rokovitz~

At the Frogue's with their puppies.


With Sister Knight, a missionary from Grandma and Grandpa's town.