Monday, July 7, 2014

Great 4th of July

This week was so fantastic!                  

So we do have a new apartment but we don't have a set date when we get to move in. After the 23rd though. And guess what... since we found an apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms, they're moving both sets of sisters in! Hahahaha we are going to have so much fun!! We also will have a washer and dryer. We haven't looked at them but they are rented out by the same people as the ones we're in now. So we think they'll be pretty good. My only concern is fitting 4 desks in the family room... plus a couch. Obstacle course anyone?

Monday we went to Walgreens and parked our cars there and then walked to Gwen's to teach her before Family Home Evening. Since Monday was the last day of the month and we only had 3 miles left. So the Bolos's (the military missionary couple) took us to Family Home Evening and then left early! There were only two girls there who could take us home and they wanted to stay and play until 9:30 p.m. The sisters called and said they were stranded in the sketchy part of the neighborhood and asked us to rescue them. There was only one option... Run the mile and a half to our car!! Well twenty feet into the journey I fell into a hole that went up to my knee!!!! It hurt so bad! So I'm hobbling and running out of breath and my backpack was heavy and we had our shorts on under our skirts so our legs were hot. We ran and ran and ran. Oh my goodness.. I was so sweaty! The other sisters found us about a quarter mile from our car and took us to it and the sisters got home safe. We barely made it home before 9:30 p.m. Hahaha

Tuesday we taught one of our Less-active members named Kayla. We planned on being very bold. Sister Lefevor was very nervous. We got there and Sister Lefevor almost chickened out. We did the plan and she actually accepted it and set a date to be temple worthy! She is working on receiving her patriarchal blessing. Sister  Lefevor was so relieved when it went well. We then headed to the church to have 2 member lessons. We pull up and get out and I realized that I needed to go back to the car and get my notebook. I went to get my notebook, shut the door and realized it was the wrong notebook. Back into the car I go. Except, it's locked. And oh, look up, there's a huge black cloud moving rapidly over us. I called Elder Johnson, the car manager, and asked what to do.. it started to sprinkle and then I noticed there were 4 cops across the street arresting someone! So I ran to ask for help and told Elder Johnson I'd call him back. As soon as I got to the cop it just poured like I've never seen it pour before!!! It was so crazy!!!! I was soaked through! The cop gave us 2 lock smith numbers and then we went running inside the church! The lock smith said he would be there in an hour. The storm was so bad! Haha but we sat down with our members, taught the restoration, and had a good lesson. The lock smith showed up and we went outside. The storm was over. He jiggled a wire around a little bit and then unlocked it. He then said "alright, that will be $50" I was supposed to call Elder Johnson back and get that approved BEFORE I called the lock smith. Haha he took care of it but it was so funny!

Wednesday we taught Gwen. She has a LOT of questions.... about transgender people, gays, abortion, birth control, etc. After trying to give our best opinion, we came home and realized that all we need to do is link her back to Christ. When she understands God's plan, all those questions will be answered. We also taught her how to search for answers on the gospel library because she has that on her phone. She came to a baptism on Saturday with two talks she had found with answers. She is so good about doing her homework and finding everything! Lastly we had institute at a graveyard... searching for families as we do family history.

Thursday I had an exchange. Sister Lefevor went to Hopkinsville with Hermana Reed and I stayed with Hermana Ayre. We taught a Less-active and it went pretty well, but I still don’t think that LA is going to make much progress yet. We also taught a Spanish lady that the Spanish elders wanted Hermana Ayre to visit. I just sat there with an awkward smile the whole time. Totally didn't understand anything!! Haha And at the end when she went to hug us, she did the Spanish kiss-on-the-cheek thing. Hermana Ayre had it down... I just gave her an awkward cheek hug.... she looked weirded out too, hahaha it was too funny! We also taught our recent convert, Austin, on base. He messaged me on FB and told me about how his whole family died last year... his whole family. In a car wreck. He's the only one left. Hermana Ayre suggested the video about Essa and then said, "well I'm not sure.." I said "Yes! I can totally relate because that's my hometown! I know her sister!" We shared the video and he loved it. Then, he asked if when he makes it to the temple if I could be baptized for his mom and sister. I love helping converts seal their families and give them the chance to hear the gospel! Then that night we stopped by Miranda (LA) and Jeff's (investigator) and they came out on the porch. We had asked Miranda last time if she wanted to have the lessons to help her progress. She smiled and said yes. So this time we taught the restoration. She was more happy and talkative than I've ever seen her! They both participated and agreed to pray about it and watch the DVD. It was so cool to see the spark of testimony coming back and to see her so happy about it!

Friday we had a fourth of July pancake breakfast combined with the 1st ward. It was a good turn out. That's where we met Asia but she talked to her friend the whole time.
Me and Sister Christensen matched.
I actually got to go on the military base too! It just looks like more of Clarksville behind a wall. There are neighborhoods and everything. I didn't see any of the places where they practice though because the base is HUGE. We also got to go to dinner with Gwen. She has a ton of hard questions, but she is still on for her baptism on my birthday! Like I said before, she came to a baptism on Saturday and she loved it. I could tell she felt the spirit.
Chocolate covered strawberries with Gwen.

After Gwen we went to the Bolos's for a BBQ. Only 2 YSA's were there. And we had to leave to be in by 8 p.m.. We went in, and I was so sad to not be outside because the minute we went in, the fireworks began! And they have good fireworks here because there are no laws. But at least we could see some from our window. And the biggest thing of Fourth of July... Sister Lefevor got a package and it had water guns and water balloons in it.. And we have tile floors.. So we didn't care. She attacked me! She soaked me! But I soaked her with a water balloon. Last night we popped water balloons on each other before bed so we went to bed soaking wet! Hahaha oh and we played catch the water balloon in the dark... And I missed. So we ran across the water and had a slip and slide in our apartment!! Good thing we don't have carpet! We're also going to recreate the water slide again today and have a Cheetos Puffs eating contest. Hahaha I'm so excited.

Water war 4th of July night. I tried to protect myself with towels.

Roasting s'mores on the stove with a butcher knife on the 4th of July, inside.

It was special to have the holiday so close to a military base. I have never understood military and never really cared about the soldiers. But now that I know them and know what they go through and do, it was so much more meaningful and I was more grateful for the holiday. I really made sure to thank Heavenly Father for that blessing.
Saturday was so good! The zone leaders had a baptism. That's the one that Gwen came to. I always feel better when investigators see a baptism.  We then went and talked to Amanda. I don't think I've mentioned her before! We were looking for a LA who lived at her house. They moved and she is YSA and we introduced the gospel to her. We have tried her 4 or 5 times and each time she's busy but said "I do want to talk", I didn't think she was interested. At all. Well we knocked and she was so excited to see us! She asked if we had time to talk and so we taught her the whole restoration and she agreed with it all. She has recently been thinking about looking into religion and she was excited to read the Book of Mormon. She had read the bible that week and felt good about it. We explained that it was the spirit. When we talked about baptism she said she hadn't been baptized or even attended one! She said if it was essential, she would really want to look into it... We committed her to baptism on the 26th of July and invited her to church. She came to church and has read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon!! She said it's way easier to understand than the bible and she loves it. WHAT?! Wait this can happen to someone we're teaching?! No way! We are going to teach her tonight and we have a member coming!!! Whoo hoo!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! This has really helped my faith grow! I have learned to see the potential in everyone rather than thinking they are just not the type to change. Anyone can change!! I'm so excited for Amanda!

We were also very bold with another LA Saturday night.... Renee. She hasn't progressed. It was rough. She cried because we explained we couldn't come as often. I think it will be good though. I read in Alma this week about how sometimes we have to suffer the consequences of our actions, and God allows it, but it compels us to be humble and repent. I really liked that. It's also like the Mormon message called "The will of God." Sometimes God has to cut us down in order to create who we're supposed to be.

On Sunday church was fantastic. Like I mentioned, Amanda was there and the testimony meeting was so spirit packed! Same with Sunday school. It was about the sacrament. She asked at the end if it was bad for her to take it since she wasn't a member. One of our YSA's described it better than I ever could have. We normally say "it's not bad, it just doesn't mean anything for you" As in there are no covenants behind it. Well he explained it as a way for nonmembers to show their love towards Heavenly Father and their commitment to follow Christ. Genius right? Right. That night we got to see a YSA open her mission call. She was baptized last August and is now leaving on September 10th to serve in the Washington Spokane mission. She is going to be fantastic!!! I'm so proud of her!
Sister Lefevor, Abbie, me and Sister Frogue the night Abbie opened her mission call.

This week I learned something. How much God loves us. As we have been working with Less actives, I have come to learn how badly He wants us back at church, etc. I was thinking about those people who are in jail or who do drugs and how you hear those stories about those who suddenly call upon God and they're lives turn around. DUH! It makes sense! God is up there, watching us suffer the consequences of our actions, and then when we finally decide to reach out to Him, He answers ever so lovingly, "My child! I'm here! It will be ok." He loves us! He will never abandon us! He is waiting. There is no reason people should feel they can't pray. God isn't vengeful. He's loving and waiting. It's so amazing. I noticed this during the week and it made the world of difference as I prayed and sought help. Anyways, this week has been packed full of so many good laughs, spiritual moments, lessons and just wonderfulness. I encourage everyone to really search for God's hand in your life this week. You will find it. I promise that. Ask for your weaknesses to become strong. I did that this morning. I have a hard time concentrating during studies. As I asked for that weakness to become strong, it was. I was fine during studies and I learned so much! Heavenly Father is aware of each of us. How do you see that?

I love y'all and I hope you have the best week ever! Time to go play Chubby Bunny and have a water war!

~Sister Rokovitz~

John Wayne. This one is for you, Dad.

I finally found my street on my mission.

A giant bug on my arm. I freaked out! But my first reaction was, "Sister, take a picture."

Sister Lefevor and I with the Frogues. Brother Frogue is the 3rd counselor in the 1st ward who has been called to be over the YSA group. Sister Frouge teaches Sunday School and I love them with ALL my heart. They are the people with the thickest southern accents I've met. I love it.