Monday, February 24, 2014

Baptism Dates, Storms and Miracles

Oh man. I have missed you so much this week! It's nuts. I did get to go to the temple this week! We found a ride last minute. Brother McGladdery took us and the Eldorado elders down. What a great experience! I just enjoyed every moment in the temple. I sat in the Celestial room until they kicked us out. I enjoyed it so much.
Sister Ferrin and Sister Rokovitz at the Nashville Temple.

Emad got baptized last Sunday. Want to know something funny? I took everyone to Roma's for lunch after the temple. While we were waiting for our food.... guess who walks in to teach Emad? Sister Jarvis and her trainee!!! I jumped up and hugged her so fast and screamed and she was so confused as to why we were there!! We all talked and laughed and caught up and I got to call Cha on their phone and talk to her for a second. It was such a good day!

Ok, updates on the people we're teaching - Breanna and Holly... Breanna moved in with her boyfriend and we got in contact with her this week through Facebook. She still seems we'll see what happens. Kate was sick so we haven't seen her. Holly - SHE HAS A BAPTISM DATE FOR THE 23RD OF MARCH!!!! HOO-RAH!!!! We had an awesome lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and then we committed her to baptism! But that's not all.... We went and saw Larry afterwards too. I don't know if I've told you about him. He is the cousin of Brother Fulgham, a member in our ward. They were best friends growing up. They lost contact for about 30 years! Then Larry moved back up here to Illinois by Brother Fulgham and we taught him the plan of salvation as well and committed him to baptism too!!! MARCH 16TH!!! Brother Fulgham will get to baptize his best friend. Precious! He had tears in his eyes at the end of the lesson. They remind me of the Fox and the Hound. "When you're the best of friends, having so much fun together." Haha I told them that and they both started laughing! Ok that's still not all.... Cathy. We taught her the restoration yesterday. At the end I suggested a video, which was awesome! And then we committed her to baptism too! March 23rd - 3 BAPTISM DATES IN 2 DAYS!!!! Miracles I tell you! Miracles! The ward here had 6 people baptized last year. We're going to beat that. Oh man, it's been good!

Also this week we had a crazy storm! It was on Thursday. The wind was going crazy and there was thunder and lightning and rain. The sirens were going off and we were getting texts from members and zone leaders to get inside. We made a fortress! We ran around gathering food and books and clothes and games and pillows and mattresses and threw it all in the bathroom, occasionally checking the weather outside. The lightning looked like a strobe light! Apparently the storm stretched all the way down to Nashville too. It's crazy. We sat in our padded tub for over 2 hours. Talk about cramped legs. It was scary. But we were prepared - Haha. And then we had to lug everything out of the bathroom after it was over.
In our bathroom fortress during the storm.

Let me tell you about a couple of the miracles that happened this week. This happened Monday night: The whole 45 minutes I was preparing for bed I could smell the strong stench of smoke from our new neighbors seeping through the walls of our bedroom and penetrating my nose. It was strong. As I sat on my bed minutes before 10:30 p.m. I thought, "Maybe Heavenly Father could take the smell away." As I got down on my knees, I thanked my Father in Heaven for the blessings of the day. I then told Him about the smell and how much it bothered me. I asked if my nose could be plugged up or the walls would be thickened so I wouldn't have to smell it. I would rather deal with a stuffed nose than the smell of the smoke. I told Heavenly Father I believed it was possible and I believed myself when I said that! It was an incredible feeling! I would do anything for that smell to be gone! I said my whole prayer with my nose inside my shirt. As I said Amen, the dryer buzzed that my clothes were done. I took one last deep breath inside my shirt and then left the room. I stopped the dryer and returned to climb in bed.... the stench was gone... I smiled. I was amazed! It was gone!!! I smiled so big!!! I got in bed and just laid there wide awake! A miracle had just been performed right in my very bedroom! As I awoke the next morning the odor had still vanished. I didn't know how it was possible, but I practically jumped out of bed to thank my Father in Heaven! He heard my prayer! Ever since then I haven't been able to smell it. I might get a whiff of it every now and then... but.. then I remember the miracle and the smell fades!

Amazing right?! Well it gets even better.... I had a dream that night too. This is the dream:

The dream started with a church. My church from home. I was in the church. The room was full so a group of people, including me, went upstairs and sat on metal benches. My friends and my companion were there but I didn't recognize their faces. Next thing I know we were all back downstairs behind all the church benches in what was supposed to be the gym, but it was more like a grassy field. I was behind everyone. They were all running and gathering around someone. I was walking slowly to see who it was. I was standing on my tippy toes and thought I should be running too. I broke into a light jog and then I finally saw. It was Christ! The group was gathered around Him. Some were dressed in white clothes, some in white jumpsuits. A man on the other side of Christ was in jeans and a blue hoodie. Christ was smiling and looking at everyone. I got pulled up right in front of Christ. He smiled at me and held His hands out, palms down. I saw the scars and reached up and touched them. He turned His hands over... scars. I held them and began to weep. It was a happy cry though. He held my hands tight and I just felt Him comfort me. We were walking back to go upstairs and Christ walked with the group, calmly next to me. Everyone was looking at me as we walked. I was still sobbing. Christ was real, He was THEE Christ! Christ stopped at the base of the stairs while I and the group kept moving. I looked back. Christ looked at me smiling. I sat down, in awe that I had just seen the Christ.

I found 2 pictures that stopped me in my tracks. They look like Christ. I know Christ. I saw Him. I saw Him and He knows me. He is so real to me now! I can't stop thinking about Him. All I desire lately is to be with Him. I just want to be with Him all the time!! It was the best experience of my mission. I told Sister Ferrin and our faces were soaked with tears at the end. And then... I realized... Heavenly Father answered my prayers. In the MTC and first week in the mission field when I was doubting, I kept praying to know Christ and to have a dream or experience to just see Him and to know. Heavenly Father granted my wish. He did. When it was right. When I needed it. It's truly amazing.

This week I'm studying self-mastery because it relates a lot to obedience. I read 2 great talks today! "The Power of Self-Mastery" by James E. Faust, and "You Can Do It Now" by President Uchtdorf.

Lastly.... I almost made it to the end of my 40 day fast. I started cracking and making to-do lists and writing in my journal at meals. I made it farther though. I've done it 4 times and this is the farthest I've made it! So, in order to practice self-mastery I have to do it again. So I'll make another list with the help of Heavenly Father and I'll do it all this time! ALL! I'm excited!

I've been so excited to tell you about my week! I just couldn't hardly wait! I love you so much!  So much!  I miss you a ton! But time is flying! Have a great week!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Monday, February 17, 2014

iPads and Facebook

So this week.... WE GOT IPADS!! It's so overwhelming! They are seriously like a foreign device to me. It felt so weird to have it at first. We have everything on there! Our planners, area book, email, Facebook, gospel library, etc. I took pictures of what they look like so you can see. We have to input our area book one person and lesson at a time. We also have to sync our iPads together to get updates that each other made or the plans for the day. We have to travel to McDonalds for the WiFi to do that. We'll get used to it though. There are so many awesome tools on the gospel library app! I downloaded them ALL and I still have a TON of space left on my iPad! We've used a few videos in lessons and talks and I use it for studies to find things... They're just so awesome! We also have Facebook on there so whenever we have WiFi we can continue to teach people and respond to their messages! I get to add you on Facebook but I have to hide your wall and status updates. You can comment and "like" things and post on my wall to spread the gospel too.

We don't really know how Breanna is doing. She stopped talking to us and told someone that she's mad at us and a member in the ward and she moved in with her boss/boyfriend and they want to get married... So we don't know what's going on. We were going to have to push her baptism back even more because of ward conference but now we just have to figure out what happened.

Kate didn't come to church. Her whole family is sick and we haven't seen them this week.

We stopped by Holly's house and showed her a powerful video on the Book of Mormon. She was speechless! She loved it and she is so excited to read more and pray about it! She was going to come to church but she had to take care of her Mom. She is the most prepared person I've met! And.. a member came up to us in church and asked "are you teaching someone named Holly?" We said yes. He said "That's my half sister!" Haha so cool! It's such a small world!

It took a lot of trust in the Lord this week with Facebook. I practiced obedience and really prayed about it. Everywhere I turned I was told to get on Facebook! Then at interviews President looked at me the whole time (or at least it felt like it) during his training and he talked about how now is the time! Now! So... it just happened to be that in the room I had my District Leader, Zone Leader, the Facebook Assistant, and President Andersen - All the people I needed to go through to get on Facebook! I had my interview on the phone that night with Elder Carlson and boom...approved to get on. So the next day I printed the agreement, sent it off and got on Facebook. It was so fast. So I got slammed with iPads and Facebook this week! GREAT! Actually it is great! I'm thrilled!

So this week... more work on obedience. I talked to President about it during my interview and he told me to go through the white handbook and write down everything I wanted to perfect and be obedient on. I did that this morning. It was hard to put some things on the list, like not wear my black pencil skirt because it doesn't meet mission standards with the back slit going above the knee. I then presented my list to my companion and she is going to make her list later today. We're then going to combine the two and put them on a poster to work on 5 at a time until we are the most obedient missionaries in this mission! You are going to be shocked! It's amazing how much easier it seems to accomplish goals when I enlist the help of my companion. They seem achievable!

A lot is going through my mind right now. I just don't know how to get everything I'm thinking into an email. My mind is crammed full of stuff. I'm so overwhelmed with iPads and Facebook. It's a lot to take on and adjust to. But I know that this is what the Lord wants. He knows how it's all supposed to work and so I'm just going to continue to try and trust Him and do what He wants me to. Maybe this is the next thing I needed to grow and stretch on.

I love you so much! Thank you for loving me!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Ferrin and Sister Rokovitz with new iPads to use in the mission.

Monday, February 10, 2014


This week was incredible! I had a good week this week spiritually. I have a new focus. Obedience! This week we have a goal to be perfectly obedient! I wrote down everything that I needed to perfect and tweak. Such as being in bed right at 10:30 p.m., updating the area book, being out of the house at 10 a.m. etc.

Obedience seems to be the theme of the week. I studied that this morning. Obedience is being willing to obey. I also learned that Christ had to allow his will to be "swallowed up in the will of the Father." Oh that is hard!! But I'm going to try it this week. But I also learned from 1 Nephi 3:7 that obedience is a package deal. If I obey, the Lord will provide the way and walk with me. Sweet!! It's also one of the few ways I can give back to my Heavenly Father and show my love for Him. So obedience it is!!

We will most likely get iPads Thursday!! I'm so stoked! Our leaders have them and they used them at zone meeting. I was so jealous!! They are going to be so convenient!! As of right now they say they are going to be the churches and we won't keep them... But I think they'll let us pay for them and take them home. I don't know how that will work. Also with this whole iPad thing.. they are allowing missionaries to do Facebook right from their iPads! So the Zone Leaders texted us and asked if we were on Facebook. I said no.. . but that I would pray about it again. I try to tell myself that I have an open mind about it.. but I really don't. I was stubborn and said I'm not getting on. Mainly because I told so many people that I didn't want to teach through Facebook and I didn't want them to say "Ha! You got on! " But I was reading my patriarchal blessing and it says that I have the responsibility to spread the gospel.. through the means of electronic devices! So I prayed and did a whole morning study about whether I should get on. I kept reading about the Lord hastening His work which means to "speed up." I thought... This is the time to speed up the work and use EVERY tool to share the gospel. I then came to the conclusion that I need to practice obedience. To be a Facebook missionary you have to be obedient. You can't get on for the day if you don't have a perfect morning. So Heavenly Father told me to be obedient and then I will most likely be starting the process to get on next week. It's exciting! The Lord is really taking off with His work! Now is the time!!!

We moved Breanna's baptism back because she needs some more spiritual preparation before she is baptized. She even brought it up that she feels she needs a few more lessons. So she's reset for the 23rd. She'll be ready by then.

Wanda is just too funny! She has this really skinny dog named Bella that she just loves and pampers and takes everywhere! She also talks about how she goes out to burger joints and to steak places. She is just so old and funny! I love her! Wanda is doing good. She's reading the Book of Mormon daily!

They cancelled church yesterday because the parking lot had ice. Actually the ice is pretty scary. We saw a truck sideways in a ditch this last week and 2 semi's off the highway.

Kate we haven't seen... she obviously didn't come to church because it was cancelled.. but we're going to see her this week.

There's a lady here in the ward named Mama Eyestone. She has just started to come back and is trying to stop smoking. She has had a faithful home teacher for 20 years! I believe now that home teachers, as friends, can be such a good influence.

One of our investigators, Jeff, texted us a question. We had asked him to read 3 Nephi 11. He asked about verse 34. This was his text:
"It states in 3 Nephi 11:34 that if yous aren't baptized, you're damned. Yet there's that thing about after death yous still could be baptized. If you're damned, how does that work?" We were so excited to research this!! We immediately prayed and searched. We looked at the Bible Dictionary definition for damnation. It said it was the opposite of salvation. All who do not obtain the fullness of celestial exaltation will to some degree be limited in their progress and privileges and hence be damned to that extent. I thought that was so cool! Then we looked at the footnotes and it said "baptism, essential" Basically, baptism helps us move forward. Without it, we are halted and cannot progress and do not get the privileges of the Holy Ghost. We need baptism to progress and dwell with God! This applies now and after death. Damnation (progress cut off) is applied at judgement. That is when we are judged to a kingdom. Damnation means.. if we are sent to a kingdom other than the celestial, we cannot progress past that kingdom and we are stopped... He didn't really understand that.. We even went over and explained it in person. But it was so cool to have the revelation about it! Also.. he asked me at the end if I had been a member my whole life. I said "yes." He said "I want to meet a convert!" I said "even though I have been a member my whole life.. I didn't start to gain a strong testimony until a few months ago." He said "Really?" I explained that I knew things were right and true and I loved the temple and other things... but I didn't have a real, solid testimony until I got out here and it was truly tested. He kind of smiled a little and I knew that the spirit had touched him because I had to find out for myself the hard way if the gospel was true. It was such a cool visit!!

Friday I had a good study! I wanted to know more about Christ and feel closer to Him because I just felt distanced that morning. I started by reading Alma 7 about His atonement. Then I read 3 Nephi 11. I found myself just crying! I wrote:
I can't even write how much I love Jesus Christ. He is my perfect older brother. He knows how I feel and I feel His love and support for me. I honestly can't wait until the day when I can feel the prints in His hands for myself and KNOW He died for me. I can't wait to just hug Him tight! I know He is real and that He knows me and is aware of me. I love Him!!
I just felt so filled with His love! It was seriously amazing!

Then on Saturday we had a crazy good day!! We went to contact a potential investigator. Her name is Holly. Sister Ferrin met her with her last companion. She didn't really want to go back because she just didn't have the desire to.. but we were in her neighborhood so I said "Lets just go contact her real quick."
I thought over and over that we needed to re-contact her. I didn't even know her but I just knew we should. We went and knocked on the trailer door. She is in her 30's, works at McDonalds and takes care of her mom and her step-dad. Her step-dad (Jimmy) is pretty funny. He showed us a picture and said (with his toothless talk) "I had the prettiest blond hair you've ever seen!" Haha. Well, then we started the first lesson. We switched off every principle and we just brought the spirit right in. And for the first real time in a lesson, I quoted the first vision! Holly's eyes were locked on mine and when I finished she just felt overwhelmed with the spirit. She said she'd do anything to feel that way all the time! She committed to baptism and we have another appointment set up with her! Amazing right?!

Well that's not all.. We then went to a member's house, Brother Folgham's. He and his wife are members and they have a less-active daughter, Sarah, who is getting a divorce, is 22, and has a 2 year old little girl. Last Sunday Brother Folgham brought his cousin Larry to church. Sister Ferrin asked how he liked it and if he wanted to know more.. he said yes, so we taught him and it was another perfect lesson! He committed to baptism too.

THEN!! We met with a new investigator that Sister Ferrin has been trying to contact for 2 months. She is amazing and totally agreed that she needs the gospel. She's in a rough spot. Her name is Cathy and she is a hair dresser and is struggling with family. But we're going to commit her to baptism at our lesson this week. That means we will have 2 people with a baptism date and 3 committed to baptism! Whoo hoo! That's the most I've ever seen! It was such a good spiritually filled day!

My mission is going by too fast. I always think the days are so long but then I look back and realize that a whole week just happened. I'm halfway through this transfer! I'm almost 1/3 done with my mission. I don't like how fast it's going!! When are they going to change the time that sisters can serve for 2 years? I'd do it!

Well that's about it for this week! I'm bound to have another great week. I always look forward to your emails. I love you so much! Have a great week!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Ferrin and Sister Rokovitz

Worked on a puzzle since we were stuck inside due to the ice.

I tried biscuits and gravy for the first time's not bad! I liked it.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Adventures in Marion Illinios

Alright. I know you're just dying to hear everything. Here we go! So I stayed up on Monday night packing. I was up till 1:30 a. m. I'm still in recovery. It's the worst idea I've ever had! We went to transfer meeting and I found Sister Ferrin pretty quickly. She's cute! She's tall and has long curly hair. She's almost 21 and she just finished training. So after the meeting I got my stuff and put it in Sister Ray's van (a member from my new ward) and she and Sister Newnum took us up to Marion. It was about a 4 hour drive. I slept the whole way without a pillow...and of course my mouth was hanging wide open. My neck hurt so bad when I woke up!! Our apartment it huge compared to my last one! We have 2 bedrooms so the 2nd one is a workout/coat rack/storage room. We have a huge kitchen and a huge couch and 2 recliners and I get a whole dresser to myself and the bathroom is huge and the apartment is spotless. It's so clean! I feel so bad when I leave a fork in the sink. It's just always magically clean! And I have the comfiest bed in the world! I didn't have to worry about sleeping in a new place because the bed put me right to sleep! And ... do you want to hear the best thing about our apartment? WE HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER!! No more quarters! I hugged the dryer when I saw it. I think I shed a tear too haha. It's the best little place ever! And we're STOCKED on food. I now understand how missionaries get fat - we have dinners every night and we were offered snacks at 3 homes on one day and we are given leftovers. They always ask if we need anything. We're spoiled rotten here. The members are the ones who found our couch for us and they just take such good care of us. The members also give us tons of referrals and they go on exchanges with us and they are just wonderful!!

I was calm and at peace about transfers because the spirit told me I was leaving and I just knew it was what was right and what I needed. I thought I would be stressing and having headaches and feel sick and just not like it. But I was happy to meet my new companion and I just got to work as quickly as I could. I unpacked fast and got settled in and I'm just giving my heart to this area. This is where the Lord wants me, so why fight it? I'm finding myself to just be happy all the time and just love what's happening and to smile and laugh through the hard times. I also find myself wanting to only work! Yesterday I had bad stomach pains and ear pains and back pains and a migraine and I felt sick.... yet I couldn't let myself stay in. I wanted to teach and work. And I was so bummed when we got sent in for the night because of the ice! No! I wanted to work and see people! I'm turning into a real missionary!! Hahaha

We have a full time car here and 100 more miles than Nashville. Our ward boundaries are bigger than the entire Nashville zone. It's pretty flat out here. And it actually snowed yesterday and stuck to the ground! We were told that our entire zone was shut down because of the ice so we had to go in early last night... luckily we were able to come out today. So if I ever skip a week of emailing... we're probably stuck in our apartment.

We're going to the temple on the 21st. I'm so excited!! My temple dress has been hanging up just waiting for me to put in on and feel like an angel again. I'm so excited to go to the temple! I didn't realize how blessed I was to have a temple so close until I couldn't go to it at my own free will any more. I don't think I've ever been more excited to just go into the temple and feel the spirit and talk with my Heavenly Father even more. That is the one place where I can go and absolutely know for sure that the church is true and that God is present.

I already miss Cha so much!! Good thing we can write to recent converts. We're going to be eternal friends!! She is my joy so far. If she is my only convert (besides myself) I will be happy! Her testimony is through the roof! Her testimony is mind blowing. I can't say enough how much she is an example to me! Living proof that the atonement changes lives!

We are teaching the best people. We have a 19 year old girl named Brianna out here who is getting baptized on Sunday. She is really sweet. I just met her yesterday.

We're also teaching a 74 year old named Wanda. She cracks me up!! She was telling us that she was laughing so hard just before we came over because she was standing on her daughters back while her daughter did push-ups. Hahahaha She was in her Betty Boop PJ's and she told us about how she used to belly dance and how she's going to watch the Super Bowl and she is so active and funny and old! I love her so much! She's also pretty upset that we don't really cook. She said she's going to whip us into shape and teach us how. She also set a baptism date for herself!! She was going to get baptized about 20 years ago but she couldn't quit smoking... she only has to give up coffee now. She set a date for April 6th just as a goal to work towards. Oh she is just full of life and so sweet.

We also taught a 94 year old who we had to yell the entire time because she can't hear. When she would walk somewhere she reminded me of a cartoon because she would take a few fast steps in place like she was winding up and then she'd start moving forward slower than I've ever seen any human being walk. She's adorable. She refused to come to church and is really set in her ways... but we're going to baptize that woman. I love the old people out here!

Lastly we're teaching Kate. Kate is the girlfriend of a less active named John who is coming back. We had a picture perfect lesson with them. I felt like it was the District movie they have us watch before we become missionaries and they were supposed to film us! We had a member there and John and Kate both had their Book of Mormon in their hands and they had read together and Kate came to church for the first time yesterday and she loved it and her 2 boys loved it too!! We're just going to take off with them!

I've started to love this area slowly. It's a huge change and I know that Heavenly Father is just asking me to trust Him. I'm shocked at how well I handled the transfer. I went with an open mind and heart and I've just been happy. I haven't found anything negative... I don't love it yet as much as Nashville... but I'm working towards gaining that kind of love for this area. It's a new adventure that I was honestly ready for. It was time to stretch more, learn new skills, and strengthen my testimony. It's humbling and I am just so happy. I know that I will never regret this decision. I can't imagine how anyone can live a good life without experiencing a mission!! It's too great to miss out on. It's the best thing I have ever done. Ever. My heart is so full of gratitude right now. I just can't believe how right Heavenly Father always is.

Sister Ferrin and I were talking last night in the car about how we are so far from everyone and yet we obey. We go in on time and we just obey. We could get away with anything we wanted to out here. But Heavenly Father trusts us. I can't imagine how much trust it takes for Heavenly Father to let us do His work. We're imperfect. We mess up. Yet He trusts us with His children and trusts us that we will obey. Then it hit me... If He trusts us this much, why is it so hard for us to trust Him in the work? I'm still working on my ongoing theme this transfer with "Trust in the Lord." It's fascinating to learn about. My testimony on this subject has exploded! Oh man. I just love this gospel. Mom, since you're so good at listening to what I say, I want to give you a challenge this week. I want you to trust in the Lord for EVERYTHING this week. Be so specific in your prayers and pay more attention to the spirit than you ever have before. You will be blown away by the things the Lord will show you to do and where He will lead you. I'm going to do this as well and we'll report to each other next week. This challenge is also open to anyone who is willing to try.

I have had some meaningful studies this week. I started really focusing on the spirit. How to obtain revelation and how to listen to the spirit in lessons. I read a talk on how to receive revelation. This is how you do it:
1. listen
2. write it down
3. ponder the meaning of the things you wrote down
4. study their meaning and apply it to your life
5. pray and review with the Lord what you received
6. thank Him for the guidance given
7. ask if there is more
8. repeat
I did this! I felt like I needed to re-read D&C 6. (My great revelation chapter) I learned more this time! The things that kept popping up were to be patient, have faith, obey, and work. I told the Lord what I had learned. I asked if there was more and He just told me to smile. I need to work on smiling more. It was so cool! I'm loving the scriptures more and more and I'm just diving right into them! I can't wait to read more! After that study, we had a lesson with John and Kate and I could totally feel the spirit. It was relieving to feel the spirit and to teach with it again. I found a scripture that applied to them and I think they felt the spirit too. It's hard to focus on feeling the spirit all the time and listening to the Lord... but I did it once and it payed off! So I'm going to do it again.

I set some new goals for this new transfer. I'm really excited about them! One of them is to exercise daily and eat healthy.. because I know if I don't do that out here.. I'll get fat real fast. Also.. I'm trying not to be self critical. I think so many times as missionaries we focus on our negatives and the things we're struggling with. I know that we are always striving to be better and that's good... but we shouldn't beat ourselves up about things. So.. every time I'm thinking something negative about myself.. I'm going to turn it into a positive and find a strength to match it.

 I love you so much. It makes me know I'm doing right when you share with me how you are being blessed. It makes that line from my blessing real! I figured it was true.. but the stories make it real. Always tell me about those! I love you and can't wait to email you next week!

Well I've got to go. I love you so much! I hope you have a great week. Again... I LOVE YOU!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Mickelsen and I got matching Vanderbilt sweatshirts

P-day by the Johnny Cash mural

Sunset in Marion Illinois