Monday, February 17, 2014

iPads and Facebook

So this week.... WE GOT IPADS!! It's so overwhelming! They are seriously like a foreign device to me. It felt so weird to have it at first. We have everything on there! Our planners, area book, email, Facebook, gospel library, etc. I took pictures of what they look like so you can see. We have to input our area book one person and lesson at a time. We also have to sync our iPads together to get updates that each other made or the plans for the day. We have to travel to McDonalds for the WiFi to do that. We'll get used to it though. There are so many awesome tools on the gospel library app! I downloaded them ALL and I still have a TON of space left on my iPad! We've used a few videos in lessons and talks and I use it for studies to find things... They're just so awesome! We also have Facebook on there so whenever we have WiFi we can continue to teach people and respond to their messages! I get to add you on Facebook but I have to hide your wall and status updates. You can comment and "like" things and post on my wall to spread the gospel too.

We don't really know how Breanna is doing. She stopped talking to us and told someone that she's mad at us and a member in the ward and she moved in with her boss/boyfriend and they want to get married... So we don't know what's going on. We were going to have to push her baptism back even more because of ward conference but now we just have to figure out what happened.

Kate didn't come to church. Her whole family is sick and we haven't seen them this week.

We stopped by Holly's house and showed her a powerful video on the Book of Mormon. She was speechless! She loved it and she is so excited to read more and pray about it! She was going to come to church but she had to take care of her Mom. She is the most prepared person I've met! And.. a member came up to us in church and asked "are you teaching someone named Holly?" We said yes. He said "That's my half sister!" Haha so cool! It's such a small world!

It took a lot of trust in the Lord this week with Facebook. I practiced obedience and really prayed about it. Everywhere I turned I was told to get on Facebook! Then at interviews President looked at me the whole time (or at least it felt like it) during his training and he talked about how now is the time! Now! So... it just happened to be that in the room I had my District Leader, Zone Leader, the Facebook Assistant, and President Andersen - All the people I needed to go through to get on Facebook! I had my interview on the phone that night with Elder Carlson and boom...approved to get on. So the next day I printed the agreement, sent it off and got on Facebook. It was so fast. So I got slammed with iPads and Facebook this week! GREAT! Actually it is great! I'm thrilled!

So this week... more work on obedience. I talked to President about it during my interview and he told me to go through the white handbook and write down everything I wanted to perfect and be obedient on. I did that this morning. It was hard to put some things on the list, like not wear my black pencil skirt because it doesn't meet mission standards with the back slit going above the knee. I then presented my list to my companion and she is going to make her list later today. We're then going to combine the two and put them on a poster to work on 5 at a time until we are the most obedient missionaries in this mission! You are going to be shocked! It's amazing how much easier it seems to accomplish goals when I enlist the help of my companion. They seem achievable!

A lot is going through my mind right now. I just don't know how to get everything I'm thinking into an email. My mind is crammed full of stuff. I'm so overwhelmed with iPads and Facebook. It's a lot to take on and adjust to. But I know that this is what the Lord wants. He knows how it's all supposed to work and so I'm just going to continue to try and trust Him and do what He wants me to. Maybe this is the next thing I needed to grow and stretch on.

I love you so much! Thank you for loving me!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Ferrin and Sister Rokovitz with new iPads to use in the mission.