Monday, June 23, 2014

Never Drink Slushies

We were able to go to the zoo today with one of our members for p-day.... Oh my goodness. There were camels. That's about all I cared about once I saw them. They had a deal where if you have a slushie cup (which our member who took us had cups for us) you can get free refills all day long... So we had a competition and I did 4 with my companion. The headache that I have now was totally not worth it. Especially since I lost. I feel like I'm going to die in a slushie coma. I got a zoo shirt though! I have been wanting to go to that zoo since I got to the mission!

We saw Joe this week and he said being Mormon wasn't for him. He said he's not ready to convert and make a huge life change. We said "we're not here to convert. We're here to bring people closer to Christ" then Sister Lefevor got him to let us come back next week to show him the restoration and answer questions he's been having about the Book of Mormon. So he tried to drop us but we wouldn't let him.

We haven't gone back to Lexi's yet. Her sister is the one who took us to the zoo. Apparently Lexi got married to the boyfriend she just met and moved in with.

Sister Christensen’s mom sent her a picture of the snow on the mountains in Utah from that cold weather this last week. I wish that would happen here. It's glorious when it gets down to 85!

I had so much to say about this week but I can't even think right now. Oh but 2 cool things real quick. Gwen set a baptism date for August 2 - my birthday!!! Haha best day ever! And I don't know if I told you about Dan. He came to church one

Sunday with a member and we taught him and he agreed to be baptized! It was going to be July 5th but now it's going to be the week after. He didn't make it to church yesterday. Ok I have to go lay down. Never drink a slushie ever again!!!!

Remind me next week to tell you about a study I had yesterday. It was so cool! I feel like the last two weeks on Sundays during studies I've just recommitted myself to the work and got pumped about it.

I love you!!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Zone Conference this week.