Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Transfer Time Again - Surprise!

Our day has been beyond stressful. Ok.. Here's why I'm stressed. WE ARE BOTH GETTING TRANSFERED. Yeah. Didn't see it coming at all. I have never been wrong with a transfer call. I knew we were staying. Nope. Both leaving and elders are coming in. So we have to pack, prepare the apartment, leave info about everything, and find a ride... and it's stressful. We have to find a ride that has a man coming so the elders can ride back and someone who can fit 6 suitcases and a bike.... so far we have NOTHING!!

So I'm sure you want to know where I'm going. You'll never believe it. Clarksville YSA!!!!! AHAHA Back to a YSA! It's in Tennessee right on the border of Kentucky. I thought I was finally making it to Kentucky. YSA is in my blood! I'm going to be with Sister Lefevre. She's only been out for 3 transfers. Sister Schenk is going to Columbia Tennessee with Sister Pingston... Don't know who that is, but she's only been out a short time too... So we leave tomorrow morning at 7:00 am. If we have a ride that is... I can't believe it. It's been weird.

I had such a bad migraine yesterday because I fasted breakfast, ate lunch, went to choir practice and had to skip dinner because of the performance. The headache made my ears buzz and I was close to getting sick. I was so grateful that our members were so hungry and decided to stop at DQ even on a Sunday. They had to get just a small something to hold them for the ride back. I got a water and sipped it the rest of the way back. The migraine is gone now though. I rubber-banded a warm cloth to my forehead last night. Genius!
Trying to get rid of my migraine

The piano songs went great! I had all of them down except one that is painfully hard. Not even Elder Alarcon could play it. Sister Schenk tried and she couldn't get it either. So we played it for him before and he suggested dropping a lot during the key change. He said he didn't care what I did for the right hand as long as I had a steady bass line. I wish he had told me that earlier. So I had 15 minutes to rewrite the song and practice it. He also gave me the option of just playing He is Risen out of the hymnbook instead. It just sounded so dull because the piano song added SO much to it. I knew that it would be ok to play the hymn or have him play it... but I also knew that I would feel like a failure to myself. So I had to just play it. And I DID IT!!!! I did it! I slaughtered it but it was singable and beautiful and it worked better than I had ever imagined it would!!!!!! Prayers were said every time before I sat down to practice all week. And they paid off. It was such a miracle. I knew that Heavenly Father would guide my fingers and ease my mind so that the spirit could testify to the audience and that we could praise Him through song. It was the coolest miracle ever! Then we had a notebook signing party after. The whole zone is getting swapped around.
Our missionary choir group (Amber is 3rd from the left.)

Ok so now a tiny bit about the week. Jully came to church yesterday and didn't even sit by us, she has her friends in the ward now, which is fantastic.  We went over and taught more about the restoration and watched the video and her husband Greg was there and he watched it.  I was pretty nervous for him to see it since he doesn't do religion but he didn't say anything negative. Hopefully he felt something.  It was sad on Sunday because we told everyone we are leaving. That is mission life. Amber and her fiancée came to church with their daughter Bailey. I hadn't met Amber's fiancée before so we were a little nervous. He seems nice though. Cathy came to church as well, bless her heart.  She is sad to see us go. I want the best for her.

Now for the sad news of the week. We went to see Roxanna during the week and we scheduled an appointment with her and when we got to the door there was a box with all the scriptures and videos we had given her, outside the door. I started saying, "oh no she is dropping us." We knocked and knocked on the door but she didn't answer. We tried calling her but nothing. We left a note on her car. It was really hard. We thought everything was going great with her and she had a baptism date and Brother Cardin had been coming to her lessons. The worst part is we don't even know why she won't see us. I can tell you now that Satan is real and he works hard on those who are making good choices. He doesn't want us to progress and follow Christ. I am sad that we have to part ways with her like this. Keep praying for her.

The humidity is starting to peek it's head out. It rained a bunch the other day and then it got humid, like a rain-forest.  I could see the moisture in the air, seriously.
Big black rain clouds.

It's getting so green here. I love it.

Tonight we are going to go see a bunch of investigators and less actives and teach them one last time. I will try not to cry. I really do care about these people especially our investigators and I want them all to be loved and taught the gospel. If any of them get baptized I can go though, which is great. I bore my testimony on Sunday and basically cried and said "I love you all so much" That about sums up my whole testimony......... I said I knew the church and Book of Mormon was true too though.

Oh and the fireflies are everywhere out here!!! There was a field with about 80 flashing! And one night while riding bikes we were trying to catch them mid-air with one hand. That was so much fun! I love it out here!

And now I know that my summer is going to be even hotter. Going more south. Whoopee. Time for buns!

Ok I have to go. I love y'all so much!!! I will write a better letter next week!

~Sister Rokovitz~

A donkey....right in the middle of no-where.

Last district picture together.