Monday, April 7, 2014

Crazy Storms

I was going to send home tons of pictures this week but I forgot my camera. So you will have to wait another week on that. I have some really cool videos of the storm this week! It started raining a bit on Wednesday and then Thursday it just took off! We were 30 minutes away from home all day and knew there would be a storm so we mapped out safe spots at members homes and told them we might be dropping by if it got bad. Tons of streets were flooding and there were flash flood warnings for over 24 hours. Fields were just flooded and trees were in standing water. That night it started getting really bad. We were outside teaching Donnie (He doesn't like to be inside anymore because his family mocks him) Oh also he didn't get baptized last week... but he is scheduled for baptism this Saturday, confirmation on Sunday, and then hopefully temple trip with the youth the next Saturday! So we were teaching him and the lightning was like a strobe light... it was so often and the lightning always lights up the whole sky... it's not just in one spot. I had a feeling we should leave but we were having such a good conversation! Finally we both thought we needed to leave. So we got in the car and looking towards Marion was the worst! The lightning was huge! We called our Bishop's wife and she answered and said "Hi where are you?" Haha our mommy out here. She told us not to come home. The sirens were going off. So we called a member in West Frankfort and went to their house. They had the news on and there were storms everywhere! Tornadoes were forming and there was baseball sized hail just south of Marion. It was crazy! We called President to tell him we wouldn't be home by 9:30 p.m. The Eldorado Elders were stuck too. All streets to their house was flooded and their house was right in the path of a tornado. At 10:30 p.m. we called President and asked for permission to stay the night at the members home. He said we could. We borrowed pj's and had to share a bed. The storm lasted all night. The elders made it home about 11:15 p.m. and didn't sleep at all. It was crazy!!! We also had a river flowing down our backyard!

For General Conference we went to watch it at the church and we had no way to get Donnie there. We showed up and no one even arrived to set up the projector. So we went to watch it in the family history center and the computer wouldn't load it. So we watched Saturday's conference on my iPad Yay! Sunday the projector was set up so we watched it in the chapel.. alone. I loved conference!! I just thought in the middle of it... Man... we are SO lucky to have a prophet on the earth. People are missing out!! The theme I got from conference was faith, love, and obedience. I'm taking my obedience one hour at a time. It's so much easier! I'm going to make some goals for myself because I haven't had some in a long time. I cannot wait till the conference ensign comes out!! I'm so ready to re-read all those talks!

Speaking of conference, they told us that we all need to study Preach my Gospel! Do you have one? If not, get one and study it. You will love it! Study it as a family and make a family mission plan. We are starting to get really involved with our members. That's the one true way to be successful as a missionary. We are setting dates with members to have a referral for us. The work is starting to slowly progress. The members call us with referrals! We got 2 from a couple on Thursday and we're having dinner with a non-member at a member's home on Thursday and Friday. I'm so excited! Get going.

This week was pretty slow otherwise. Just a lot of hunting for less actives. OH! Speaking of, we only got in contact with one. But this one man is amazing! He and his wife are in a nursing home. They are the chaplains for the Sunday services over there because no one else will do it. Brother Hamilton has been teaching our doctrine! He uses Preach My Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and we are going to get him a Gospel Principles book. He told us last night that he figured if he was going to be stuck in there, he had to do something! He had the biggest smile on his face! Could there be a better missionary out there? This couple is amazing! They love the Lord and they cannot get enough knowledge! Brother Hamilton said all he wants to do is study and learn more!! I love them so much! Soon they will move into an apartment and they will be able to start coming back to church!

Thank you for the suggestions for studying. I'm keeping a note of things I want to study. Lately in my study of the bible dictionary I've been learning about the Abrahamic Covenant. I LOVE IT!!! I have almost 3 pages of notes so far! I now understand what people mean when they say they were "born into the covenant" or "brought into the covenant" It was promised over and over to Abraham and to his descendants. Studying it also helped me know what the pictures mean in the Book of Abraham. I KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!  I feel so smart because of that! I read the stories that explain them and I know what they depict and I can see similar drawings of some things in other pictures. Ah! I can't get enough out of my studies each morning! There is 4 full pages in one of the Ensigns you sent me about the Abrahamic covenant. I've been using that and also True to the Faith.

I finished the Book of Mormon again on Saturday right before conference started. I restarted today. I read the title page and used the institute manual to help and I'm taking notes. I learned something cool! I read today that Joseph in Egypt was told of a branch of the house of Israel that would be broken off and go far away. In the title page it says it it a record of the Lamanites of the house of Israel... the broken branch that went far away! Connection! WOW!! Now I KNOW that the Book of Mormon and Bible totally work together to testify and confound confusion. I've been on fire this week with my studies! When I hear Sister Ferrin get on her knees to finish studies I just think "OH MAN!!! I'm not done!!" I LOVE THE GOSPEL AND I LOVE STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES!!!

Oh!! Dad is going to be so proud of me. (I feel the need to type a lot in caps today. It kind of gets across how excited I am) I TRIED FISH AND I LIKED IT!!! We were still at the church on Saturday when the priesthood leaders came to start their fish fry. They invited us to stay and eat with them. All of them were shocked when they found out I didn't like fish. Brother Elimon said "Everybody likes my fish. You have to try it" I got brave... and I did. I have a picture of me getting ready to eat it with 4 priesthood holders watching me all with their sunglasses on. I'll send it next week when I have my camera. I ate 3 pieces of blue gill, 1 piece of catfish, and 1 piece of flat-head catfish. It was honestly all the same to me but I liked it! Maybe frying it makes the difference.

Want to hear about the game Sister Ferrin and I play in the car? It's called Road Kill. We look for road kill and then call it out. The other person has to yell or imitate what they would have screamed as they got ran over. Oh and for living animals we just make the sound they make. It's really entertaining because we'll be talking and one of us will yell "ROAD KILL" and the other one will stop mid sentence, yell, and then talk again  Haha.

Well, that's about all. It was a good spiritual week and also an adventurous week trying new things. Oh... I also got us stuck in a ditch on Thursday. We were turning around and Sister Ferrin said "am I going to make it?" Me... being all confident and also not wanting to get out in the rain to direct her to back up said "Oh yeah! You've got plenty of room!" She made the turn... and the tire went right in the center of the water/mud filled ditch and the tires spun.. She said "You're pushing!" Just then a guy came around the corner in his truck and hopped out. I pushed the gas and steered while they pushed the car out. It made me laugh for so long!!! I have pictures of that too that I'll send next week.

Oh I am just smiling right now. I had a lot of good laughs this week. Oh ok one last one. I took a video of the storm Thursday morning, and I was talking about the lightning and thunder and then a huge lightning happened and I got all excited for the thunder.... it shook the whole house and window and I dropped to the floor screaming!!! Haha and then the tornado siren went off... Oh man it was hilarious! You're going to love the video! Now you have to be patient till next week to get it.

Anyways... I love you! 7 month mark on Friday?.... NO . I refuse to accept it. I shall call it... my 1 month mark. Yes. That shall be good! Haha I love you.

~Sister Rokovitz~