Monday, March 31, 2014

New Surroundings

This apartment is so nice! I can definitely feel the spirit more here. There's more sunshine, less bugs, it's super clean. It's great! It was a miracle to find it. Dave, our landlord, is super nice! He's neighbors with the Hirschi's in our ward and has had missionaries over. He offered a furnished villa for us to stay in while we moved back and forth. He owns/works at a funeral home and our neighbor Todd works with him. We love Todd! And his little girl, Morgan, is so cute!!! We played outside with her last night and she loved it! We are seriously so lucky and blessed to be here. I couldn't be happier!

We found an actual bed bug at our last apartment. We were studying and he was trying to get under the carpet. They are tiny! We put him in a bag and let him die... I named him Chester and he's going in my journal. We've been so careful about bringing stuff in. We have two kinds of bug spray that we've used on our new apartment and luggage and dressers etc. I hope they're gone. Dave was a little worried with letting us move in knowing our other apartment’s situation. But Dave is so nice!!

Donnie did great this week! He has been keeping the Word of Wisdom but he says it's hard. Especially when his family does all of it. His Step-Dad is always rolling cigarettes and his Mom smokes. He has a weird situation... His parents are divorced but still live together with their new significant other... Different, right? Anyways we saw him 3 times and he went to Mutual. He said someone gave a really powerful testimony that touched him. Turns out that testimony was from a boy who has been struggling with his testimony. Awesome right? For some reason Donnie didn't come to church yesterday. He probably woke up late. So, we'll see him tomorrow. Pray that he can get baptized. We have a goal of a baptism every week in April, but we want him to be ready.

Katherine, Donnie's sister, also came to Mutual and then she went to pre-camp registration. She has made a friend in the ward with a girl named Sarah. Sarah has some handicaps and needs friends so I'm so happy! Katherine came to the church after for the Women's Broadcast and she made 2 temple plaques for her parents. It was a craft we did. She's doing so well. We haven't actually taught her yet but she loves coming to church.
This is the Temple plaque we made.

I don't remember if I've told you about Jeff. He lives with Abbie and they are both investigators. So Jeff washes cars for his job and he said when people ask what church he goes to he says "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Jeff tells people he's Mormon! And he wants to give the Book of Mormon to his friends. Jeff is a fabulous missionary don’t ya think?

Our Zone Conference was so good! We are starting to use a new tactic.. Pamphlet lessons. We use the pictures of the pamphlet to teach the lesson. This way we can teach them online and in person fast! We taught the Restoration in under 10 minutes!! Crazy right?! It's the most effective way I've seen. I think one of my friends wrote about doing it too. It's awesome!

 Ok cool fact time. The maker of the Fatboy ice cream  bar... (An ice cream bar I'm sure you're very familiar with) has a last name of Merril. Well in our ward we have a Merril family. There is a dad raising his five kids alone and his parents are living with him to help. Well we had dinner there Tuesday night and after dinner we had Fatboys. Brother Merril (the Grandpa) showed us the back of the box where it has a little history story. His Dad invented them! So I know the Fatboy inventor's son, grandson, and great grandsons and great granddaughters! Jealous much? I'll get a picture with them sometime.

I have a challenge for you.... So me and Sister Ferrin are working to get involved in our member's missionary work. It's their work! We're just here to help! We are setting dates with them to have them give us a referral. Also we are going to get them involved online. So, here is the challenge - Create a profile. You can share it with your nonmember friends and I can share the link and it's great! So for Family Home Evening, you can all create one and share a spiritual thought on your wall once a week. Challenge accepted?

I had quite the revelation last night while dozing off in bed.. Best place to receive revelation. I really struggled with my fast yesterday. I was starving! But I did it... I made it. And now I'm stronger. But the realization I had in bed is cool.. My mission is one big fast... It will be about 10% of my life lived so far. I'm sacrificing not food, but time, friends, family, education, etc. My mission is one big fast!!! It may take my whole mission to really gain a strong testimony of fasting.

Well... that's about it.. It was a long week.. Not much progress.. But lots of work with moving. Never ever move a missionary. They have so much random stuff that gets collected by missionaries through the years. They all say "oh someone else might use this". Not! Haha Anyways.. It's been good. I thought the other day that I truly love this ward! I don't want to leave! I thought when I left Nashville that it was the best and that Illinois would be a good experience but not the best. Well.. I love this ward just as much as the YSA. I love my mission! Thanks for continuing to encourage me to go. You've helped change my life. I love you so much! Have a great day!!!

~Sister Rokovitz~