Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larry Got Baptized

I feel like I have so much to tell you. First of all.. I miss you. I just kind of miss my family this week. Our Bishop’s daughter came home from her mission last week and she gave her homecoming talk in church yesterday. To see her home and adjusting and talking about things makes me think about a lot. I miss you so much because she talks about getting to spend time with her Mom and shop and just talk and be with her Dad. I miss you! Yet... I just can't let this time go by.

Larry got baptized and that's all I can think about. He came to church in a brand new SUIT! And he was smiling and said he could hardly sleep the night before, he was so excited! You could tell there was a change. The one where he's dressed in white is before his baptism and when he's in a suit is after. He is amazing! He couldn't stop smiling. His baptism was right after church and he changed and just looked great. His cousin,
Brother Fulgham and best friend for life got to baptize him. Brother Fulgham cried when he started saying the words. It was so sweet! Larry said he told Brother Fulgham his back was hurting before the baptism and he was worried... But when he came up out of the water he felt fine! I got the opportunity to speak about the Holy Ghost. It was special! We had everyone there write him a letter while he changed and then we put them in a folder for him and gave it to him at the end.  He was the easiest person to teach.

Larry with his cousin and best friend, Brother Fulgham.

Sister Ferrin, Larry and Sister Rokovitz

Sister Ferrin, Larry - after his baptism, and Sister Rokovitz

We also had a miracle at the baptism and church. We have an investigator named Donnie. He is very smart and is searching very diligently for answers. The sad thing is his living situation. He has a rough life. He is 16 and he smokes and drinks alcohol. It's normal for him. It broke my heart to see him smoke 2 weeks ago when we visited him. His mom was yelling while we prayed saying that we were bringing devils into the home. His sister also listened in on the lesson. He and his sister both came to church last Sunday and to Mutual on Wednesday. Donnie came to church this Sunday and it was Jessica's (The Bishop’s returned missionary daughter) homecoming talk. It was powerful. I could see a change in Donnie's face. Something clicked for him. It was incredible. He goes to Sunday School and Priesthood on his own and participates and comments and then he came to Larry's baptism. It was such a special experience. He leaned over to Brother Harrelson at the end of the baptism and asked what he had to do to get baptized. Donnie has had a lot of questions and concerns and has been taught a lot! This is huge!! They went and talked for a bit about the Priesthood and baptism and then he came to us and we set a date for April 6th and set up 6 times to meet with him. It's such a miracle! It's unbelievable because he lives in the middle of no-where and members still pick him up, he has experienced the Holy Ghost , and now he's going to get baptized! Words cannot describe this. It's what every missionary prays for! Please include Donnie in your prayers so that he can stay on track to get baptized.

We didn't see Zach this week... He bailed on our appointment and won't email us back. Oh.. and Cathy finally contacted us back. She sent a text yesterday saying: "my daughter is dead!" We tried to meet up with her but it didn't work out. We have no clue what to do. It's a shock to us.

Noel and Nanette are still doing good. They asked about General Conference coming up so hopefully they will watch it. We were only able to visit them last night and we just had a friendly chat. This week we are going to get them to set a date to get married! We want them back in church!!!

Guess what?? WE'RE MOVING! I have still been getting bit by bed bugs and so Sister Johnson in the office told us to look for a new place. We searched and searched and couldn't find anything. We enlisted the help of a few members and one of them called us and said she found a place. It's basically like the one we're in now but better and bug free. It has nicer paint and baseboards, a deck, a huge kitchen and laundry closet, 2 rooms.. Yeah, it's perfect! And the guy who owns it loves missionaries! He's neighbors with our members and he invited us over for dinner sometime! President approved it for us to move in today and so we have to have our Bishop’s wife inspect it and then we can move in. Sad thing is, we have to deep clean everything and trash our beds, couch, recliners, possibly desks, cork boards, a lot of stuff . Anywhere a bed bug could hide. And they can hide anywhere. Nasty. So wish us luck and no stress as we move and also that we'll still be able to work hard.

I love you so much. Like.... A lot! I hope you know that. Have a great week.

~Sister Rokovitz~