Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stuck Inside

Finally I get to email you! Man the past 2 days were so long being stuck inside!! I can't stand it! But we have REAL snow here! Not ice... SNOW! Well there's an inch of ice under all the snow.. but still.. SNOW!!!!! We were getting up to 70 degrees and then BAM ... SNOW! Hahaha ok ok I'm done with the whole snow thing.

On FB.. I have some sad news. President suggested we don't be friends with people from home because it's distracting. So I'm opening up my account for people to follow me. They can still see everything I post and I'll make it so that they can make comments too. They just won’t be friends with me and won’t appear in the chat box, etc. So could you make a post on my FB and tell people to follow me? Ward members, everyone. Their opinions do matter and I want their participation. I decided to follow presidents counsel and delete all friends from home. It was hard!

Guess what. The most depressing thing ever happened. We had 9 investigators ready to come to church and then it got cancelled! Everyone had a ride ready to go and everything!!! We were so mad! Now we have to push the ones with baptism dates back a week because they need to come to church 3 times before baptism. I was so excited and we fasted for it and then... nothing. They will all come next week though!!

So Holly is doing great this week! She said the prayer at the end of our lesson and it was the sweetest prayer I've ever heard! She is so ready and searching for truth. She was going to come to church.. but couldn't because of the snow. We were also going to have a dinner and lesson with her at a members home tonight and that fell through. And she can't meet with us today. She's still doing great but the meetings are just caving in all over the place!

We haven't really met with any one else. This week we did a lot of Less Active work. But this next week we will be doing a ton with our investigators! Cathy was able to meet a member of ours and they became friends. Yay for fellowship!!

Oh! We got a new investigator too! BRIAN! He works at Walmart in the produce section. We've seen him every week and both thought we should talk to him. Well last Monday he approached Sister Ferrin and started talking. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he was so excited!!! He said "Something told me to come talk to you." We explained that it was the Holy Ghost! He is amazing! He was also going to come to church. He just couldn't stop smiling. Oh my goodness, he is the sweetest man ever! I can't wait to teach him more and help him come closer to Christ. The spirit was so strong as we taught him in Walmart. Who knew... the spirit, in Walmart, right in the produce section. Haha We saw him again in Walmart on Saturday and he's excited to read the Book of Mormon.  Oh he's just so prepared!!!

I realized on Sunday that I am really loving my mission during this transfer. I've had a bigger desire to work and serve. I've gotten over trials quicker and come closer to the Savior. And as a result, the transfer has gone faster than I can even comprehend. It's like I was placed in a sling shot, and then pulled back........ and then shot off at a million miles an hour! Transfer calls are this Saturday! NO! Well.. They don't mean anything because we're both staying... (knock on wood) but still.. another transfer. Gone. I hit 6 months next Tuesday and then the week after that I will have exactly one year left. And honestly, it makes me sad. We stayed at the bishop’s last night for their daughter’s open house of her homecoming. She came home on Saturday. I got sad. I know it will be exciting to see family and friends again, but I don't want to go back to real life, I don't want to wear jeans, and not have ALL day to work and serve and study. This time really is precious. I can't get enough of it. PRAY FOR ME THAT IT SLOWS DOWN! I love this time. I love it so much! It's helped me just focus on loving it more rather that thinking about the hard times and stuff. Man. Life's unfair. Even on a mission.

I opened up the February ensign today that Mom had sent me and I read the first article by President Monson titled "Serve the Lord with Love" it was like a smack in the face. I learned that I need to do ALL I can do right now. Then it said this "If you have Christlike love, you will be better prepared to teach the gospel. You will be inspired to help others know the savior and follow Him. Consider praying for charity for those you teach. As you develop Christlike love for them, you will be better able to serve in meaningful ways both the Lord and those you teach." That's it! I knew that charity was an answer for how to desire to serve the people, but it's also how I can serve the Lord! Charity is the answer for everything! So... I prayed for Charity and I'm working on developing that. Within the 6 hours that I've been studying/planning/working today, I have been so happy and alive! So awake and ready to go! I have a massive migraine from who knows what, but I'm still happy and ready for the day!

I love using the iPads for studying certain topics! I find so much that I end up book marking it to read later because I don't have time. Send me good ideas of study topics. I'll do one a week or longer depending on the subject. It's going to be awesome. Next week or this week I might study the Holy Spirit of Promise like you suggested. Also with the iPads I've made a "study journal" where I can put scriptures that relate to the lessons and pull them up quick during the lesson. We can also make slide shows with pictures for each lesson to use.

I miss you like crazy. I really do. But I'll see you soon enough. I love you!

~Sister Rokovitz~

My "weather girl" outfit. I went out in the snow every hour for 2 days to check the weather.

Using a debit card to get into our apartment. Sister Ferrin locked our keys inside.

Sister Ferrin dancing with Abigail, our Bishop's youngest daughter.

We had bed bugs and had to stay up very late washing all of our sheets and bedding....Sister Ferrin was SO tired the next day.

Choices, choices....which egg to eat?