Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cha was Baptized!

We had our all day P-day on New Years Day and we played football and basketball and Pakistani dodge ball and cards and mafia and watched Monsters University. It was such a good day! We were so exhausted at the end and soo sore the next day! It was just fun to have a day to really get all the wiggles out. I loved it! And Monsters University was so funny!! Sister Jarvis was dying of laughter throughout the whole movie.

New Years Day all day P-day - Sister Rokovitz, Sister Mickelsen and Sister Jarvis

Cha's baptism went really well! She had one of the Spanish sisters give a talk and then Sister Mickelsen volunteered herself for the piano. When she got confirmed I could really feel the spirit. And also it was fast and testimony Sunday and after church Cha said "I had a testimony but I was too shy to share it!" Haha she totally has a testimony. Also her dad came to the last part of her baptism!! That was really special for her to see him there.

Sister Jarvis, Sister Mickelsen, Sister Rokovitz, Cha, Sister Giles and two other sister missionaries.

I had a very hard experience with change this week and applying the atonement. I have recently studied in Alma and I went about this trial in the way Alma did. I asked to be able to bear it instead of asking for it to be taken away. It was a whole new experience! I felt peace, and calmness each time after I prayed. I prayed and begged for charity and to be able to understand how the other sisters felt and see through their eyes. This is really not like me. So I tried as hard as I could!! It was draining to try to do this. I focused on the words and actions I used and tried so hard to act in a way that Heavenly Father wouldn't be disappointed in me. I also sat on my bed, and looked at the picture of me and my own Daddy at the airport, and thought "would my own Dad be proud if he saw my reactions?" Honestly this was a hard challenge. But it was the first experience in my life of applying the atonement and practicing charity and being selfless. Words cannot describe how physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually hard it was. I will never forget it.

Also.. cool experience - I had a dream about my friend Dyann that passed away. I dreamt that she and I were talking and I said "wait aren't you supposed to be dead?" She said "yeah, but I'm still alive" and then I woke up. The plan of salvation is real. My patriarchal blessing says "because of your devotion to the plan of salvation....." I have found that to be so true. That is one thing that my testimony is rock solid on, and even more so now because of that experience that the spirit world is real. It was so cool!

It is rather freezing here. 7 degrees today and then it will get warmer. The thing is... it's just cold. There's hardly any snow and the roads are fine, but everyone is inside. It makes it nice because there's no traffic.

I didn't know Cory was getting his patriarchal blessing today!! WHOO HOO!!! I'm super excited for him! Mine really didn't mean anything special to me till I got out here. It took 5 years to notice that... genius. Tell me how it goes and how he feels.

My goals for the new year are these:
1. Exercise daily
2. have 365 good days (so far, so good - believe it or not)
3. work on Charity
4. write in my journal daily
5. be on time
6. be a sister missionary, not just a girl on a mission.

My companions want me to get off. I'm so sorry that this email is short and has hardly anything in it. I'm going to find a nice quiet spot at the church to sit and write for the next hour and a half.

I'm thankful for your example in everything. I'm trying my hardest out here. I love you and I cannot tell you that enough!!I love you so much and I miss you more than ever. Please send some prayers my way. I'm being ushered out of the library. Ok I need to pray for some charity. Breathe. I love you.

~Sister Rokovitz~

The frozen water fountain in front of the library - They keep the fountain running all the time.