Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 New Investigators

President is giving us an hour to email today. So yay!

We just got a new ward mission leader on Sunday and he is on top of things! He's going to feed us and the assistants dinner every Saturday so that he can correlate with us. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! And I don't know how... but we have a dinner every night this week and most nights next week. It's so awesome!

Emad is still on for the 9th of February. And because of him he has inspired me to learn Arabic. Haha. No really I want to learn it. He is picking things up so quickly! He has a lot of down time at work and he just sits and reads his Arabic Book of Mormon. I love it!

So the fast this week - We worked hard all week and as a companionship we got............. 10 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! WHOO I have never seen that many in one week in the YSA! It's incredible! The zone was able to get a total of 121. That's 121 people in the Nashville stake that are willing to hear the gospel! It's so awesome!! As a reward Sister Andersen made us 2 wonderful cakes and we had a long zone p-day filled with sports that just about killed me. I'm so sore and so happy.

My companions kept saying it was such a good week and crying tears of joy and I thought... "Yeah.. it's been alright" It hit me on Sunday when we were teaching a lesson and I was totally lost and out of it and after they said they felt the spirit so strongly.... I  thought "Where was it? Why didn't I feel it?" Well.... I need to make some changes. I was recently doing the 40 fast but.... I needed to start again and REALLY do it. I  need to report to Heavenly Father about it morning and night and I need to be dedicated and not let things slip. I prayed on Sunday to work with the Lord on what I need to put on the list.

This list is comprised of various things that aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't the best that I could be doing on my mission. It's hard to give up a lot of these. It's hard to stick to it. But I know that I can do it through the atonement and that by the end of day 40, February 28th, I will be a better missionary and I will be who the Lord wants me to be and I will be able to feel the spirit. I'm dedicated and I'm all in to serving the Lord. All in. This is my time. I've only got 13 1/2 months left. That's not long at all!! Soon I'll only have a year left!! So why not make the very best of it, instead of making it just "good". I want to be on the best level of the good-better-best scale. I want to be like Sister Vandenberg when I go home. I'm all in and the Lord is all in with me too. I'm doing this with Him because I can't do it alone. I'm super stoked about this and I'm just going to be as obedient as I possibly can!!

I know that this is the absolute most important thing I could ever be doing.  The Second Coming is close. I'm helping prepare the world for it. Yay! Let's baptize the world into the Lord's church!

I've got 19 minutes left to email! I love you so much and I apologize that this is rushed and there isn't a lot of wonderful stuff in here....  I love you though so much! I'll talk to you next Monday!

~ Love, Sister Rokovitz ~