Monday, January 27, 2014

Transfers and Goodbyes

Oh my goodness where do I even begin?? I'm being transfered! You're going to like it ....... I'M GOING TO ILLINOIS!!!!! Hahaha I never ever ever thought I would be going to that part of the mission, but I am! I'm going to Marion Illinois. All week I was thinking about where I'd be going. I thought that there was a slight possibility of me leaving. Then, Saturday morning I had a little conversation with the Holy Ghost. I was starting my studies with a prayer and the Holy Ghost told me I was leaving and that I was going far away. I thought... ok.. then I thought NAH!! I'm staying. Haha well.. just a short hour later Sister Jarvis and Sister Mickelsen got a call. They were called to be trainers! Sister Jarvis is staying in the YSA ward and training and Sister Mickelsen is going to Bowling Green Kentucky into another trio and team training. I'm actually not sad that I'm not training. I'm not ready. President said "Sister Rokovitz I have your assignment right in front of me! You'll find out tonight!" It killed me! We had dinner that night with our ward mission leader and the assistants and they called us before the dinner to ask for a progress record. I asked if they would tell me where I was going. They said they would if I gave a spiritual thought at dinner. I said "DEAL!" So they told me.. and I didn't believe them! Then I just kinda smiled.. and thought "I knew it." The spirit told me! I thought far away meant.. like not in Nashville though.. not ILLINOIS!!! We got to dinner and I asked if they were serious. They promised they were and then I listened to the call that night and sure enough.. I'm leaving!

I'm so excited and stressed and I have a million things running through my head right now!! I'm just so excited that I can see in myself that I am willing to trust in the Lord with this transfer. I'm really seeing a positive change in myself. I hate change.. but when it brings me even more happiness, I'm all for it!

I had to say goodbye to everyone yesterday. I will miss Rebekah in the ward. I teared up!! She wrote me THEE sweetest note in my "yearbook". I plan on being her friend for eternity. I had a very special experience last night while saying goodbye to Cha. She was the hardest one to say goodbye to. She was so sad! She talked to us about how glad she is that she's been baptized. She's been through a lot and doesn't have the most ideal situation. She struggles financially but despite all her trials, she's so positive. She says she just keeps praying and she knows something good will happen. She started crying and telling us how hard it is not to have a family that is all together. I was able to think of a scripture I had studied that day and I shared it with her. I shared my testimony with her about trusting in the Lord and we were both just sobbing! (Keep in mind that Cha doesn't cry.) I have seen this girl change from day one. When I met her she was a totally different person. She has such a strong testimony and she is going to be able to use that to get through the toughest times. She's a special daughter of God and I will never forget what an example she is for me! I will never forget that goodbye moment too.. She hugged me for so long while we both just melted out of our eyeballs! CHA IS THE BEST THING EVER!!

Now it's my turn to learn to trust in the Lord as I go to the farthest point of the mission!! I've loved Nashville so much! I hate to admit it.. but I've become a city girl! I love being in the city and having tons of things to do and places to go! But it is being left in good hands. I feel like I've done all I can here. I'm not leaving anything unfinished. It's time for me to stretch and to grow even more!! When we got the call from President Andersen and I knew I was leaving.. I just smiled. I felt like the Lord was saying "Do you trust me?" And all I could say was yes! I love my Father in Heaven SO much!! No matter how much I wish I could stay.. I'm excited for a new adventure! I know I'm going exactly where I'm needed. My new companion is Sister Ferrin. Sister Jarvis knew her from her last area. She says she's super sweet and down to earth and so I'm excited to meet her!

I can't even begin to explain how good this week was! We had the best time ever! We have really been able to involve the members in the work and it is just exploding! One member, Daniel, is just on fire! He has been asking who our investigators are and inviting them to go bowling and to movies, etc. He sees a new investigator at church and he introduces himself and gets their number and hangs out with them. He goes to their sporting events and stuff to support them and he invites other investigators to go to those as well! This last Saturday, he went to support Wael at his soccer game and he got our investigator Kardo to go too! Then we all went and got ice cream after and got to know everyone. He is probably one of the best member missionaries in the branch.

A few of our 10 new investigators are making progress. Ashley and Liz. Liz came to institute and we taught her once. She already has friends in the branch because she came to activities a long time ago. She's doing great! Ashley is the question queen! She asks about everything! One word will spark another question. She really thinks about things. She doesn't attack us at all but she is really trying to figure out what we believe and how it relates to what she believes. We already finished lesson 2 with her and she'll be going on to lesson 3 next week. She's just.... So awesome!!

The 40 day fast has been coming along quite nicely. I have already noticed myself becoming more sensitive to the spirit. It's crazy! I'm only 7 days in too! I've been doing it the right way this time and updating Heavenly Father on each item on the list morning and night. I'm aware of every single time I slip up and I repent immediately. The littlest things are helping me come closer to my Father in Heaven and I feel like He trusts me with a few more things at a time.

 I've been loving the scriptures so much lately!! Today I read Alma 49 and I was laughing at how disappointed the Lamanites were! My companions looked at me like I was crazy because I was practically going to throw myself backwards laughing so hard during quiet personal study. The scriptures really come to life for me. I learned from that chapter that you cannot do anything without the Lord, and it's not even worth it to try. I also learned about Abner from the Bible. I was intending on spending about 10 minutes on his Bible Dictionary entrance because it was so little but I spent over 30 minutes reading about him and writing notes and it was so much fun!! I love the scriptures!! Although.. I've also learned that the Old Testament is a pretty sketchy place - haha.

I'm so stoked to go up to Illinois tomorrow. I guess I'll tell you all about it next week! I love you so much. Have the best week ever! BYE!!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Rokovitz and Sister Mickelsen

Sister Rokovitz and Sister King

Emad became a citizen on Thursday - Sister Rokovitz, Emad, Sister Mickelsen and Sister Jarvis

Saying goodbye to Cha - after bawling our eyes out.