Monday, December 16, 2013

Transfers and a Trio

We got transfer calls on Saturday.... Normally the call comes at night, unless you're training. Well we were in line at Chipotle for lunch with a member and President Andersen called and talked to Sister Giles. She's leaving. She's opening a new area and training and being a sister training leader!!! I'm glad that she doesn't get stressed easily.. because that would kill me. I'm staying and getting 2 companions. A trio. This is 100% NOT what I wanted. It was a long rest of the day. I prayed about it and peace came over me. And I was calm. I told Heavenly Father I would trust in Him. I also decided to be happy like you would expect any sister missionary to be about everything. It changed my attitude. I know one of my companions, Sister Jarvis. She came out with me and she is HILARIOUS!!! We're also getting Sister Michelsen who is a visa waiter. I know I can do it and I'm going to have the best attitude about transfers tomorrow!! I'm actually excited now.

We went singing to the mission office on Saturday. We wanted to sing to President Andersen because we knew he'd be stressed with transfers. He was the only one at the mission office and we snuck in and waited quietly till he hung up the phone. Then we started singing. He came out of the office with the biggest smile on his face!! He called Sister Andersen to hear us and then filmed us. He said he had just talked to Sister Andersen and said he was having a freak out moment. We showed up at just the right time! He loved it so much that he came up to us and laughed and said “I'm going to break the rules and gave you all a hug!” Haha best moment ever! We later went to the mission home, hoping Sister Andersen would be home. She wasn't. We prayed in the mission home driveway before singing to the neighbors, who Green Hills sisters are teaching, and then when we said amen, Sister Andersen was in the driveway. She had a car loaded with food for transfers and we helped her carry it in. When we told her that president hugged us she said "Oh no!!.... Was it like a father’s hug?" We all said yes. And she said "well then merry Christmas" haha it was so sweet.

Cha shocked us this week. We were teaching her lesson 3 and she stopped us and said "I forgot, I have something to tell you. I'm ready to stop smoking and drinking." WHAAAA???????? MIRACLE!!! She had the light back in her! She also came to the Messiah ( a professional multi faith music program held at the church by the temple) and she wanted a picture in front of the temple. She looks so happy! She's progressing so much!

Kardo is amazing. He hasn't read the Book of Mormon yet but wants to!! He's coming to Family Home Evening tonight and will get some good fellowship there.

We haven't seen Linda yet. We went back last Thursday but she said it wasn't a good time. It was a good night for us though to run around in the rain and get soaking wet. I kept protecting my bag rather than me because I didn't want my scriptures ruined. I think I'm going to keep a Walmart bag in the car though so if it rains I can put my scriptures and hymn book and camera in it inside by bag.

I have found that I just love praying!! One day I went to pray and afterwards Sister Giles just kind of looked at me funny. It was a random time of the day to pray. I looked at her and said "What? I just wanted to talk to my Father in Heaven. Its been a while!" Haha We've also prayed out loud the past 2 nights. It was awkward at first but it has gotten comfortable. In one of my friend’s letters they said that Heavenly Father wants to hear our voices. That stood out to me. I think it helps me focus and makes my prayers more meaningful.

This week has been so good. Lots of trying not to stress. As I've trusted in the Lord I've been happier and less stressed. This week study wise was amazing. Lately my focus has been on discovering my Father in Heaven and Christ and their love for me. I switched though because I felt like I had found their love. I am now focusing on a couple things. (1.) Trusting in Heavenly Father. When I was on an exchange... last week I think, Sister Johnson was telling me what I could improve on. She said I need to trust in the Lord more. Interesting. Like trust that He will put someone in our path or people will be home or they will feel the spirit. So I've been working on that. (2.) Learning about Christ. I've been learning about His life and who He is and what He did and His love. It's amazing!!! The third one ties into it (3.) Emulate Charity. I'm learning about how much charity Christ had and so I'm trying to do the same. Me and Sister Giles both focused on that on Wednesday and our day was incredible!! Only smiles! Every single one of our plans fell through... but we thought "What would Christ do?" "What would He say to our investigators?" Oh my goodness it made the biggest difference ever!! So that's some things I've been learning and working on.

Well... I think that’s all. I've really learned a lot this week! I'm excited for this new week ahead and I'll let you know how it goes. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I'm so excited to talk to you on Christmas!! I can't wait!

I love you!!

~Sister Rokovitz~

Sister Rokovitz with Sister Tenny caroling through the neighborhood (Sister Hulme and Sister Giles in the background) 

More Christmas presents than the Christmas tree can handle

Keeping dry on a mail run

It's, really, it is.

Music Monday. Do I look like I know what I'm doing? Ha, I've never touched one of these in my life.

Late for studies....T-shirt and skirt.

Mr. O'Mally, world's best tracting cat....he follows us around.