Monday, December 23, 2013

A Trio is the Best

Oh man... the trio is the best!!!! Sister Jarvis is a theater major and she just makes us laugh so much!! She has given me abs from laughing so much! Last night it was hard to drive because we were all just wheezing!! She's truly amazing! She also realizes how important it is to take a break when we're stressed. We've just laid on the floor before for 5 minutes and she tells us "Breath in, breath out. Wiggle your toes and your fingers and feel life coming back into your body" She's awesome! Sister Mickelsen is amazing too! She’s an easy going kind of girl and is just sweet! She's great at listening and makes us laugh a ton too! We work really well together. It's cozy in our closet... I mean apartment. We also had Green Hills Sisters over for 2 nights again because their apartment got broken into by the ex-husband of who they live with and so we had 5 sisters in our apartment!!!! It was so tight!! We got a bed and a desk for Sister Mickelsen and so we just have a lot of stuff. We started buying our food together and they honestly feed me so well. I have no food ideas. Sister Jarvis will just come up with an idea and she'll just go for it! I write everything down for future food ideas - Haha. We all teach well together and it's just fantastic! They are so outgoing and happy and it just helps me to be happy too. The first few days I kept thinking "I'm super stressed right now... I should be crying... but I'm not!" They are just the best! I can't complain, the trio is awesome!

 I've been spiritually stuck for a little bit and I've just studied so much in the conference Ensign and the Christlike attribute section of Preach My Gospel. All the answers I keep getting is trust in the Lord. Trust in Christ. Trust in the Holy Ghost. So, I'm trying to. I don't know exactly how I can best do that, but it's worth a shot. I'm really trying to imagine Christ walking with me in the work. I have a picture above my desk of Him walking so determined and with a peaceful look on His face. I imagine Him walking with us as we work. Sitting by me and listening with the Father as I pray. It's cool. I'm trying to be able to picture that too when I pray out loud with my companions. Also something that I found in a hymn ( I don't know which one) Is that angels watch over us. I know that angels are really watching over me. What a blessing!!

So Wanna hear about Cha this week?? I just can't hold it in..... CHA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON JANUARY 4TH!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!! She's totally ready! She is reading the book of Mormon more often and praying and coming to institute and church and wow I can't even put all this in separate sentences! So basically this is what happened. We went to visit her on Wednesday. We had our lesson and at the right time when we all felt the spirit we asked if she wanted to be baptized. She said yes and that she was ready. We said when? She said... JANUARY 4TH! There is something so different about Cha. She has a light in her and a real testimony! She came to institute and took notes and had her Book of Mormon open the whole time. She also went salsa dancing with some members after! And she went on her own and actually danced and had so much fun! She came to church... in a dress! And she took notes and loved talking to people! She also cried in Relief Society. The lesson was totally for her! The lesson was about those who have so little and others help them. She cried to us about how she has so little and she wants her siblings to have a good Christmas. We told her that this gospel will help her be an example to her mom and her siblings and it will help her raise her future children in a totally different way. Not alone, but with a husband who is sealed to her  in the temple. Cha is amazing!! I hope you get to meet her one day. I love her so much and I am so excited for her. January 4th is going to be the best day there ever was known to man.

Kardo came to a music concert last night and met President and Sister Andersen. He's coming to their house for dinner on Christmas day. He loved the concert and I really hope he puts some more thought into wanting a religion. We just can't quite figure out what he needs. We're really focusing on feeling the spirit during the lessons but there's just something he needs that we can't pinpoint yet.

This week we had a crazy storm. Oh man it was nuts! It was so warm outside and a cold front was coming in so that was just bad. We were outside on Dad's birthday without coats or anything! We had the AC on!! Yeah! We blasted the AC on December 21st! Then, that evening as soon as we got in it started to rain and the tornado warnings went off. First time I've ever heard them. I was freaking out so much! Oh and that day we were infested with cockroaches. Great combinations RIGHT?! WRONG! Anyways... by the time we were done planning.. 25 minutes.. the outside of our apartment was flooded. I believe in flash floods now. The moat was flooded. Our neighbor was sticking her head out and she said she had about 2 inches till she would start to flood. We ran around and put everything up and the sirens were still going off. We wrote in our journals in the closet for an hour! They went off and the rain stopped. and we went to bed finally! Then yesterday we fumigated our apartment to kill the bugs... that didn't really do much. They just multiplied!! They are everywhere! There was one on my desk this morning and we found 6 at dinner and they’re just everywhere! We think the fumes are killing them though because normally they run wicked fast but... they don't. So that was just a fun 2 days!!

On Saturday I woke up and just thought "Happy Birthday Dad" I love you so much. I cannot wait to Skype you!! I know I'm going to be a crying mess... good thing I'm going to the mission home after that for dinner. Sister Andersen will comfort me - Haha

Other than that.. it's just been a stressful week, yet full of laughs! I love my companions and we are just having a blast! I can't wait to see you on Skype in 2 DAYS!! I love you so much! Have a merry Christmas eve!

~Sister Rokovitz~

                        The new trio - Sister Jarvis, Sister Mickelsen and Sister Rokovitz