Monday, December 15, 2014

Staying On Top Of Things And Being Spiritually Fed

It's weird to me that Christmas is next week. This week was a little better. Still hard but much better than last week. I've really had to take time to evaluate myself before I act. It's been so hard. I've also been trying to stay on top of being spiritually fed. I've made a promise with Heavenly Father to wake up at 6 a.m. every day to read the Book of Mormon for the rest of my mission.

The YSA are just bonding so much and becoming friends and doing so well! They hang out outside of church and 3 YSA guys signed up to take us out to dinner. My heart just overflows with joy when I see them get along and bond and be friends and have fun.

Ok now here's about this week! I apologize if I rush. I have one hour and I have to pack for exchanges!

We went to the riverside to walk along and see the Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun and we turned it into a missionary opportunity. We told our YSA they had to give away a "He is the Gift" card. They were coming back to us asking for more and chasing people down and teaching them! It was so awesome! Jaykob, our newest investigator, was even chasing people haha.

We have one YSA named D. who has some special needs and disorders but I have formed a really special relationship with him. I asked if he had given his card away and he said no, that he was too scared to talk to people. I told him all he had to do was ask if they wanted a picture of Jesus and give it to them. He kinda smiled uncomfortably and I asked if he wanted me to help. He said yes and so I went up to someone and asked if we could give them a picture and they said yes.  So I turned to D. and he reached out and gave it to them. As we left I said "you did it D.!" And gave him a high five. At the end of the walk he came running up to me asking for another card saying he wanted to do it on his own. So I gave it to him and he held it in both hands and frantically searched for someone to give it to. He found a couple and stuttered out his words, which I couldn't hear from where I was, and then he gave them the card and whipped around and came running back to me yelling "I DID IT!!! I gave them the card!" I was just rejoicing with him and the people passed by and we wished them a merry Christmas. He had the biggest smile on his face from doing it all on his own. That's true joy. D. is true joy.

We had exchanges with the Elkton sisters and Sister Tagilala came with me here. She is a laugher! We laughed and laughed and laughed! Haha she is from Fiji and so sweet. Sister Frampton trained her, and Sister Hargadon trained Sister Frampton. We didn't have much to do.. In fact we just tried to contact a lot of people on campus. We did have a lesson with Calvin though.... Where he told us that God gave him an answer.... And he said he's disappointed in his answer. God told him the Mormons weren't the only right ones. Oh it crushed me. It's confusing but he ended up saying he still wanted to come to activities and meet with us and search for more answers. So it's not completely devastating yet...

Sister Hargadon and I were back together and we taught Emily, who has her temple recommend and Patriarchal blessing recommend!!!!!!! So we did family history with her and she was so into it! She's so excited. We're going to the temple with her this Friday. My first convert to go to the temple! I'm so stoked!

We also taught Amber. Her lesson was different... She said she doesn't really care to know about the gospel right now but when she has the motivation, she will learn. We talked about a lot of things. She left after that for Christmas break so we won't get to see her again for a while.

Amber, our investigator from campus, me and Sister Hargadon

We got to have dinner with the Bolos's that night and then we taught Gabbi on campus. She is going through a rough time. She is a Less-active who is really striving to come back and she just recently had her heart broken by her boyfriend. They were going to get married. When I tell my companions about how I decided to come on a mission I usually don't include the information about the guy I was dating before I made my decision, but for some reason, I told Sister Hargadon and that night I knew why. Sister Hargadon said "Hey you can relate to this." Never thought my dating life would be helpful on a mission. But it really helped Gabbi. It was cool. She went home to Franklin for Christmas but committed to meet with the sisters there, which is Sister Frampton and her companion. So cool!

We had Zone Conference. It  was a long 4 hour meeting with no breaks because we had a 70 there, Elder Renlund. It was a good meeting though. After, we ate lunch and President came up to me and asked if I'd like to speak with Elder Renlund. I said yes and I had to fill out a short questionnaire and then I got to go speak with him. He gave me some motivation and at the end he told me to tell y'all that he is proud of me and to say thank you to y'all for raising a daughter like me. How cool is that?

MLC was super short but good. I went to Hartford with Sister Kline, a brand new missionary. It was fun! We didn't do a lot of teaching, but it still worked out. She really wants to be here and so I know she'll work out the small kinks we all have. That night was freezing though because she turned the heat off. My lands I thought I would die!

We got to work more in Hartford and then we switched back. We met halfway and then Sister Hargadon and I passed the Frogue's on the way home so we decided to stop and say hi just as Sister Frogue was pulling in. We scared the living daylights out of her haha. We talked for a bit and then got 5 minutes down the road and Sister Hargadon hit a pothole and blew out 2 tires. So we called Brother Frogue to come rescue us! We had one spare, but not two. He brought an air compressor but neither would hold air. Then Sister Hargadon prayed and a thought came into her mind. The Elkton sisters, 10 minutes away had the same car as us! Out of all the hundred and whatever cars in the mission, there are only 8 of ours, and we happened to have one close by. So we got the tire from them and we were on our way within an hour. It was a fun night. Lots of laughs.

Out in the dark with our blown tires. Sister Frogue and me in the background with Sister Hargadon in the front.

Sister Hargadon and I with dear Brother Frogue, who came and saved us. Flat tires in the dark in the middle of Kentucky.....good thing the Frogues live in the middle of nowhere. 

We got to sit in the tire shop for 2 hours. They know me there,,, from the last time I sliced a tire. We got a lot of planning done though. We then went and did Facebook, and then headed to dinner with a very cute family. They have 4 little girls and we had so much fun with them!

Oh, Sister Hargadon also told me that yesterday, she and Sister Aiono taught Calvin and he's back on for January 6th!!! They had a deep discussion about answers and what's from God and what's not. So he's doing good!

That night we went tracting with Austin (recent convert) and Jaykob (investigator) yeah... Jaykob asked to come tracting with us. We only knocked 3 doors because each one was such a success! Then we had a lesson with Stephanie and I was nervous because we were bringing two army dudes to the most sweet and shy girl's apartment. They all got along though and were talking about Xbox and swords and anime... Weird. Haha It was a good night though! Very productive!

We had 15 YSA and 3 investigators at church!!!! Record! We WILL be a branch soon! I hope! It was so good and we made them all sit close together instead of on the back row and class went so much better. Everyone participated and enjoyed it. Miracles are booming here in the YSA!!!

We taught Jaykob that night at Colten's parents house. He hangs out there all the time. Members and missionaries working together really does change the way an investigator progresses. He wants to talk about baptism on Wednesday when we meet again. AH! And we're going to skype teach him over Christmas break.

Monday (today)
So Aaron wanted to meet up with us today..... So he came to the church and told us. .............
HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED ON THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! He said he's really been thinking about it and each time he does, it gives him peace. He said he loved how when he didn't feel it or he wanted to fast or he felt uneasy about his mom that we didn't push him into it. We just kept encouraging him.. For all 7 months. He's so awesome!

Ok I have to go.. I'm rushing so bad. I love y'all so much!

~Sister Rokovitz~

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