Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I read the “You Are Special” book this week. I have been trying to apply that to myself. Not worrying about what others think but about what God knows. I'm only thinking about that. Or trying to. I like what you said about comparing myself to others, thus giving myself stickers. That's true. I'll try to be good about not judging myself. It is so hard, but I am trying. (Amber is referring to the children's book, You Are Special. If you are familiar with the book, dots and stars are given to the people depending on their talents and deeds. I told Amber if she is comparing herself to others, then she is the one giving herself dots and stars and that she needs to be happy with who she is and not compare herself to others. It's something she has been struggling with.)

We did get to go to the temple with Emily! I'll have to tell you about it.

The Christmas breakfast at the Frogue’s was so fun! We had tons of food and they bought cereal especially for me haha. That tractor is Brother Frogue’s combine that I'm going to drive one day! It will happen! The kids had so much fun! My skirt was dirty and I was pooped at the end of that! But the breakfast was a lot of fun! (There was a video on Facebook of Amber riding a RipStick in her skirt around the area where they were having the breakfast. The little kids were holding her hands and following her and saying, "Sister Rokovitz, let me try.")

The Christmas breakfast at the Frogue's

I fit right in the wheel well of the combine.

I'm going to drive this someday!

This Christmas is so different from last year because we have so many people inviting us over! We have 4 invitations for Christmas and 3 for Christmas Eve! We can't go to them all but it's so kind of them to invite us! The stake President got permission to have about 10 missionaries over and he's getting us all gifts! He is my favorite church leader out here next to Brother Frogue! We get to sleep in until 8 a.m. too! And then we'll have breakfast at President Craig's house with all the missionaries and then studies and lunch and presents and visiting members and dinner and Skype and in at 8 p.m. It's going to be good! I'm excited!

Here's an update on people and events:

So Aaron. He is still set for Friday! Found out through another YSA that he wanted to get his tattoo finished this week and so we have to teach him about that...... Haha but other than that he's great! He's SO much happier than he used to be! And one of our members in another ward is buying him a white shirt and tie and they don't even know him! How sweet is that?! We taught him the Law of Chastity this week and the Word of Wisdom. He went to a party and whooped all his friends in Beer Pong and didn't have any alcohol! He was so proud of himself! Yesterday in church the women did a musical number and then the men did and he went up and sang even though he'd never practiced before! He is so great!!

Calvin didn't come to church.... He's worrying me about if he’s ready for baptism yet. His grandma died so it's a little more understandable. But I'm not sure how solid his testimony is. We're still working with him for the 6th of January though.

Emily did go to the temple! It was such a good experience! We got there early and had the whole baptistry to ourselves so we showed her around the whole thing. She's terrified of drowning but the whole time she just had a huge smile on her face. And she said she felt the spirit the most when she did confirmations. She absolutely loved the temple!!! She's so great! It also worked out with exchanges to where she fed me twice in a row. Haha she signed up to feed the other sisters and then us and I happened to get them both because of exchanges!

For FHE last Monday we had a Christmas party and a white elephant gift exchange. It was SO much fun and we had a huge turnout! Ah I just loved it! We had a bunch of good food and the gift exchange was fun with everyone stealing and getting excited and trading and all. I went home happy that night.

Our YSA party and gift exchange.

Austin checking out what gift he got.

What are the sister missionaries getting??????

Yay!!!! Just what we needed after all those flat tires.

We contacted this really cool YSA last week named Ryan. He is Less-active and hasn't been to church for over 2 years. His mom knows a member here and so I contacted him on Facebook and we had a great conversation about the Atonement and how we can be forgiven for ALL of our sins. He stepped foot in the church for the first time in a long time this week. He came to Sports Night and had a blast and he's been hanging out with some members this week! He's going to come back around. And God made it so he doesn't deploy in January so we can reactivate him! He deploys now in March.

Jaykob has been doing good. He came tracting with us again and he's just really been wanting a testimony on Joseph Smith. So we watched the  full length Restoration and at the end he said he felt peace and every time he thought about it he was happy. It was so cool! He is home for Christmas so we're skyping him and he told his family and they support him! And they're Baptist. Like really Baptist. He is so excited now! We also taught Jaykob the Plan of Salvation and he was mind blown!! He loved it!! It was such a good lesson with Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures.

Jaykob and Austin getting ready to tract with us. Austin was cold so Jaykob is helping him tie Sister Hargadon's coat on!

Knock,'s the Mormons.

We had an awesome Sports Night this week!! We had a ton of people and it was all positive! No bickering or sarcasm and we had Christmas music playing over the speakers. It was so much fun! I walk away from those events just smiling. I can literally see the fruits of my labors here. This area is progressing intensely. I've seen many successes and trials and the people's testimonies are way better than where they were. The people love each other and they are doing missionary work. It's incredible!

We also found s golden Investigator this week named Dustin. We knocked on his door and he said he is looking for a church. He didn't make it Sunday but he's going to FHE tonight. It's so cool! He's so interested and so nice! Whoo hoo! Miracles!

We taught Wayne with Sister Andersen Saturday and it went so good! The spirit was just booming! I really felt united in those lessons! Wayne is getting so close to setting a baptism date as well! He hasn't yet, but he's getting there.

We also saw Crystal who is a Less-active and her boyfriend sat in on the lesson and agreed to meet with us again.. Miracle! Because he has never been willing to talk to us before! So I'm excited! Things are looking up for them

Anyways. Gotta run! I have 3 minutes left! I love you so much!! See you THURSDAY!!!! I am beyond excited! Warning... I can already feel it. I will cry when I see y'all.

~Sister Rokovitz~

At the Frogue's

With Damien from the YSA. He is such a great guy.

With the Frogue's grandchildren. I love these little kids.

Decorating for the party.

Merry Christmas from Sister Rokovitz and Sister Hargadon.