Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Monday -
We're iced in so we grabbed wifi from the apartment office and we'll go back and type and then come back and send them later. We'll send pics tomorrow from the church computers. We got some GREAT pics of the ice haha. We've been out in it for the past hour just playing. Anyways. I love you! So don't panic. I'll send my email. Love you!

Tuesday morning -
Iced in still. We have to trek to get wifi so I'm working on typing it and hopefully I can send it today.

Tuesday evening -
Hey Mom!
So here's what's going on.. So we aren't allowed to drive our cars, the front office is closed so we can't use their computers, the bus system is down so we can't get to the church, aren't allowed to ride in any vehicle.... Got wifi from our neighbor.. The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow so District meeting is on hold.... So we don't know when we'll get to get out... So I just wanted to send this note to tell you we're ok. Warm, safe, plenty of milk, having fun, and just enjoying our time all together. I love you!!!

Hey Dad! I just wanted to personally thank you for the flowers! I didn't want to demand flowers... But things lately had been rough and I just really wanted flowers! Haha the bouquet was HUGE and beautiful. I started tearing up because it meant so much to me!! Thank you so much! They're on my desk and I stare at them so much!! I love you more than anything and I'm so grateful to you for doing that for me. You're the best valentine I've ever had! I love you!

Valentine flowers from my Daddy.

Stuck in with an ice storm.

Playing in the ice and snow on p-day and getting soaked.