Monday, November 17, 2014

Chris Was Baptized

Oh this week has been CRAZY!! So odd! Ok so here's the transfer info! So I felt impressed 3 weeks ago that I was leaving. I didn't tell anyone. I eventually cracked and told my companions. They freaked. So we planned the week for Sister Oldroyd and I was getting ready to pack up and I was saying goodbye to everyone. Saturday night rolls around... NO CALL,!! No call came!! So we went to bed... The next morning. NO CALL!! Finally at 8:00 a.m,. the voicemail came through!! And...... IM STAYING!!! Hahaha can you believe it! This will be my 5th companion in this area!! I'm getting Sister Hargadon. She trained Sister Frampton. Sister Oldroyd is going to Nashville and Sister McDonald is going back to CV1 Ward. I'm happy though because I don't feel my work here is done.

Anyways... Now onto the crazy week!

After FHE, we were headed home and the car in front of me was swerving all over!  Then he pulled over and we passed him. He started following us!! So I didn't go to the apartment. He tailgates me and flashed his brights the whole time! I lost him at one point and then he found us again. He followed us for 15 minutes! So we called 911.We pulled up to a stop light and they asked where we were. So we told them and the guy was diagonally across from us just staring us down! The emergency people stalled the light... for like 6 1/2 minutes! The car in front of us ran the light haha. So finally it turns green and we headed to Walmart. The guy left because he saw where we were going. A cop found us and he said the guy was probably drunk. So he gave us an escort halfway home. As soon as he waved bye, one of our YSA was next to us! And they pretty much drove beside us the whole way home!! It was such a tender mercy! So we had to call President and explain why we were late. He sounded worried haha. Once he knew we were safe, he hung up. We did our planing and then we got a phone call from Nathan..... He said "Hey I just wanted to call you and tell you Chris wants to get baptized on Saturday." I thought "Does Chris know this?" Haha then he said "Tell them Chris." So Chris got on and proceeded to tell us the whole thing. We accidentally didn't schedule a lesson with him on Sunday and he realized he really missed it. Then he realized he knew it was true and he didn't need the lessons to get that joy. So we SCREAMED AND JUMPED AND LAUGHED!!! I'm still shocked! It was supposed to be a surprise for y'all but I guess Facebook ruined that, so we set the date and called President back. President went to bed less worried and more happy that night. Miracles do happen! (We saw a picture on Facebook on Sunday that Amber was tagged in for Chris' baptism, so we knew before she emailed us.)

I went on an exchange with the Princeton sisters. I went there with Sister Nielson. There is still not much going on in that area. At 8:00 p.m. she asked a member if we could come over till 9:00 p.m. I had no clue what to say because our only option was tracting and it was so bitter cold that it made my back seize up and shake and it was painful.....But I heard Sister Hargadon is good at correcting kindly. So I'm going to learn that skill from her.

I went to Cadiz with Sister King. I served around her a lot in Nashville. She is a rock star. She is white washing her area. The work is going well but her companionship is struggling. Her and her companion aren't mad at each other and nothing is bothering them... But they have nothing  to talk about and Sister King feels so lonely. Every suggestion I had was already tried.

I got back to my area and boy did I miss my companions! We went to teach Aaron and his brother walked in right as we were doing the closing prayer. His brother is against it all and so we all just awkwardly left. Aaron texted us later and told us he didn't feel right ending without a prayer... So he said his own and he said the most amazing thing happened! But he won't tell us until we're all in person! So he hasn't told us yet.

We also had our last lesson with Chris. Sister Oldroyd told me something though... Chris had a cup of coffee the day before. I was trying to teach him the Word of Wisdom and he wasn't on Facebook. So Sister Oldroyd felt prompted on her exchange to take a pamphlet to him and he wasn't at work. That’s when he had the coffee... Someone offered it to him at the car dealership. But he hadn't had a cup for like 6 months. So he had to have an interview with President on the phone. And he passed! Haha obviously.... He is just a whole new person! More happy, funny, confident, awake, ready, just everything! He's like the new and improved Chris!

Lastly we saw Emily. She is doing so good! She's studying the scriptures with her husband over Skype every day! And they decided they're getting sealed in Utah next year! So we'll all be there! I’m so excited! That was a good day. Oh and Chris planned his whole baptism on his own!

We met with Calvin! I thought he had disappeared. He's been reading like crazy so he's in Helaman! Crazy right? He's doing good and is feeling like the church is true. Oh it was so good to hear! So now we just have to keep on top of him!

We needed to go to Nashville because Sister Oldroyd had a doctors appointment. So, since we were in Nashville ... I got permission to go see Emad and Cha. Emad wasn't home but I left a note. We saw Cha afterwards. but only for a few minutes because we were late. She is doing good! She is getting back to church. I love that girl! You could tell by her smile that the visit meant the world to her!
Sister Rokovitz and Cha

It was weird to be back traveling the old roads of Nashville! I miss it so much! As we headed back, we had 29 miles till our exit and 20 miles of gas left and no gas stations around. So we kept chugging along. We made the exit and had to travel 3 miles down a barren road and we had 1 mile till empty. We started praying real hard then! That mile seemed to last forever! It hit 0 and we kept going for 2 miles. Finally... A gas station came into sight! And then the CD we had in started singing:
"God is good, yeah God is good
We've come so much farther than we thought we would
Keep [driving] now
God is good, yeah God is good
One more mile behind us God is good!"
We started laughing and crying and singing! Oh it was a good night!! We went to Chris's interview.. He totally passed. So we joked about celebrating with coffee haha! He tried on his jumpsuit.. Over his clothes. He just cracks me up! He is so funny! He was walking around in it and his "elf" shoes. He is just a happy human!

Sister Rokovitz with Chris, trying on his baptism suit over his clothing with his "elf" shoes.

Oh. We also met up with Keith earlier this week and he gave us a TON of food! $122 worth of groceries! Ravioli, lasagna, cereal, milk, veggies, oatmeal.... He said he asked God what he could do to help and the spirit said to buy groceries. He said he was the happiest guy in Walmart walking down the aisles buying food for us! He is the perfect member! And he's teaching Elders Quorum next week... He's been baptized for 2 weeks and he's teaching!! Miracles!

So during my studies I read about Consecration and Sacrifice and it said money... Sacrificing money, I realized we were still being blessed for the money Sister Stucki and I sacrificed. It was an incredible feeling. I had to get on my knees and thank my God for that one!

We went to a chili cook off/turkey bowl and it was cold! Tennessee has frozen lately! So bitter and wind... yuck. But it was a fun activity. We had just enough time to fill up the font and get everything ready. The musical number bailed... So I filled in last minute. We took photos and then I was trying to get Skype to work for Sister Stucki. She was so excited! She was red-eyed the whole time. As I was walking to the piano for the musical number I had 2 in mind. I had no clue which one I could play. So I sat down and asked God to help me. I picked one, on the spot, and then I played it. Chris was baptized and after, he bore a powerful testimony. For the first time I heard Chris say he knew the church was true. Sister Stucki teared up. It was a beautiful day. He took us out to Subway afterwards. It was so good! I love Chris! He's just amazing!

Lastly we attended a Nashville/Clarksville YSA gathering. I knew almost everyone there. It was so much fun! Chris was still on fire just smiling and laughing! We visited a Less-active on the way home and anxiously waited for the transfer call that never arrived. That was killer....

Nathan and Chris

Sister Oldroyd, Sister McDonald, Chris and Sister Rokovitz

Nathan, Chris, Sister McDonald, Sister Rokovitz and Sister Oldroyd

Chris and me with my iPad with Sister Stucki watching the baptism. (Sister Stucki and Sister Rokovitz spent a lot of time teaching Chris before Sister Stucki ended her mission. She was able to watch the baptism through Skype.)

As I was getting ready for church, I just started crying! I never want my mission to end. Bringing people like Chris into the church is truly incredible. I love the spirit and I love the hard work everyday! It's just the best thing. I can't describe it and I never want to leave. We were a bit late to church because we were freaking out with transfer calls. Church was interesting. It always is. One YSA gave a talk on gratitude and it was a very detailed and gory description of Christ's atonement. And the next YSA testified and then sobbed through his whole talk.  Haha the YSA is such a great place.

We then attended 2nd ward where Chris was confirmed. (Technically he's not YSA so he had to get confirmed in the family ward). He was still just smiling away. One of the best miracles I've seen on my mission is the baptism of Chris. The Southern Baptist youth pastor is a Mormon.

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I love my mission and my Savior. I cannot describe the amount of love I have in my heart for Him. He did an incredible amount for me so I can have His help throughout my life. It's incredible. That's why I love the new Nashville Tribute Band CD because it's all about the Savior and I just get to sing praises to Him when I listen to it. I love this work so much!

I love you! Have a great week!

~Sister Rokovitz~

I have to tell you a quick funny story. So yesterday night we were in the church at night waiting for Keith. Alone. I left the door unlocked for Keith and then we went to the Relief Society room to play the piano. Then the breaker flipped a couple times and we heard someone walking around in the halls... and since there has been so many creepy things happening at the church we freaked out, and hid behind the piano.. hahaha I've never been so scared in my life! After praying, we felt we needed to call the cops... again... they are always near our church anyway. So I called and I was whispering and the lady got mad at me and so I talked normal and told her everything. She asked how old I was. Haha 20. And then she asked if we had any weapons. She was asking for an address. She told us someone hit a power pole.. She asked if we still wanted someone to come check on us. We said yes because we still heard someone. So an officer came over and guess what? As he got here Keith was walking up.. and the cop almost arrested Keith! So that was bad! He came in and walked all around, but whoever was here, left.. so that was creepy. The cop just laughed and walked us out. It was terrifying though! I was going to have to defend my faith and die in the church! Haha anyways. That's it. It was funny.