Monday, May 19, 2014

Music, A Bird Funeral and That Special Book

Finally. Time to email you. We were up early this morning and drove to Paducah and then got in a huge van with 8 other missionaries to go to Princeton Kentucky for choir practice. Sister Schenk and I are playing the piano... And the pieces are hard. I had a hard time because I got the music last minute so I couldn't play them and I couldn't even play the two vocal pieces at the same time. It was embarrassing. So lots of piano practice this week.

So we have been talking to our bishop forever about setting up a booth at a festival and handing out the Prepare The Way survey. Finally he said yes, we got a booth at the festival this week, and we only have 3 members who want to help for a little bit but then they expect us to do the whole thing. The purpose of the survey is to have the members get involved and the missionaries come for a few hours each day to help. Ah! Stress level is pretty dang high right now.

So are you ready for a story from the week? I killed a bird. So last night we were about home and this bird.... just flipped out and flew crooked out of a bush and I see him and hear *THUD* on the car. AH! Sister Schenk was freaking out and made me turn around to check on him. I got out and bent over and he was on the ground. So I run to the trunk and find a box... and some gloves surprisingly, and we pick him up and put him in the box to try to nurse him back to health at home. He died in the 27 second car ride home. So we went to our neighbor’s house and asked for a shovel. So Mr. Bird is in a box right now on our back porch and we will make a headstone for him and have a proper funeral. You know... our landlord Dave directs funerals. I wonder if he would have a bird sized casket and headstone, and then he can lead the funeral procession to the backyard. Yes! This will be lovely.

Anyways.....I have a special note for the Butler family. They gave me a Book of Mormon right before I left on my mission. They put in a family picture and their testimony and asked me to give it to someone on my mission. I was saving it for someone special and this week, that special someone was found.

Hey Butler family!
Do you remember the Book of Mormon you put your testimony in and gave to me? Well I have carried that book around with me every day for 8 months and prayed so hard to find the person who needed it. Sometimes I've thought "maybe this person needs it" then I say no. I don't normally think about it during the day. Well this week we met a new girl named Amber. (Great name!) She is 25 and has a really cute little girl who is almost 2, named Bailey. We taught her the first lesson this week which is the restoration. She had so many good questions! We had such a great time teaching her. We even asked if she would like to be baptized so she can have the feeling of choosing for herself and being clean. At the end of the lesson when we talked about the Book of Mormon, she was so excited about it! Unfortunately, we had none with us! We ran out! All of a sudden the spirit said "give her the one in your bag" I thought that was a good idea but then I thought maybe I should save it. My heart started pounding and I knew I had to give it to her. I said "you know what, I have one more Book of Mormon." I told her the story of it and how special it was. She accepted it with such a huge smile and even teared up a little bit. It was such a special experience! We will continue to meet with her and hopefully I can update you more on her progress. Thank you for the book! It was such a great experience to have now!

Well... I don't have much else to say. I'm just a little stressed with the whole music thing and the festival thing. But it will all work out. Ok.. That's about all now. We're going to get our nails done today. Whoo! I love you so much!!! Have a good day.

~Sister Rokovitz~

We've had soooo much rain. On this day, Sister Schenk decided she was going to just trudge through the flood while we were tracting.

We made an animal feeder on our back porch.....and it works!