Friday, September 20, 2013

MTC - letter #2


Alrighty!!! Where do I begin? I have so much to tell you! My MTC experience is almost over!! I loved it so much and I don't want to leave!

You're right about all the eternal friendships I will make. I've already gotten the emails of all my district and zone friends and me and 3 other sisters are already planning on living together up at BYU-I when we get back! These people are amazing. We're family and we just love each other so much!!! In fact... last night we did something pretty special. It was my idea :) Sweet Sister Leavens in our district/room is the only one in our room not from Utah. She hasn't received any letters from her family or friends at all and it kinda depressed her when all the other sisters kept getting letters and packages. So I asked all the sisters to write her a letter. (Elders can't write Sisters in their area so the Elders practiced exact obedience and didn't write her. But we told her they loved her in our letter.) We all put them in envelopes and addressed them to her and gave them to our district leader who is responsible for getting the mail and passing it out. When we were all leaving the room, Elder Snow reached in his bag and said "Hey Sister Leavens I forgot, you got a few letters today." She was shocked. She said she was so happy and she started crying. It made me so happy to see that we did something good for her. She couldn't stop smiling and crying! It was fantastic. 

I took your challenge of looking up my gifts in D&C 46. I studied this long and hard. My teacher pulled me out of class for an interview one day and she told me that I have a gift to listen to the spirit and teach from that. She said I really focus on the needs of others and I listen to them. Pretty cool right?! So I've been trying to develop those gifts over the past few days. I've prayed sincerely and really asked for help finding the truth to these answers. 

So you asked if the teaching rooms are actual living rooms. The rooms we use for Progressing Investigator are just classrooms. But TRC is different. There's a hall with TRC rooms and they have a comfy chair, two regular chairs and a little coffee table. The TRC investigator (who is a volunteer either a member or not) sets up some stuff to make it seem more home like. That's where we teach :) I took pictures that I can send to you. 

Wasn't it kinda cool that I got to see Pres, Mills?! He pulled me out of class because he heard I was there and he wanted to say hi! It made my day! And I'm glad you got the picture :) 

Amber with her MTC companion, Sister Evans

MTC roommates: Sister Rokovitz, Sister Evans, Sister Leavens, and Sister West

With my MTC roommates at the temple

Happy, jumping missionaries at the Provo temple

Thank you so much for the treats!!!!!!!! We have care package bonfire's with food :P Two nights ago was chips and nacho cheese dip with Sister Hadley and Sister Kurtz. (They are right next door to us and they are in our Zone!) And last night we had them and the new sisters in our zone over for chocolate!!! We all just prop our doors open with our door stops and we all just walk in whenever we want. It's pretty convenient!

So I kept a little notebook with me this week and wrote down everything I want to include in my journal or write you about. And I'm frantically typing because we're past our hour and I have so much to tell you!!! I'll just pick highlights!! So our Investigator, David. (Played by our teacher Brother Winters) He....... COMMITTED TO BEING BAPTIZED DURING OUR 3RD LESSON!!!!! We are doing so good with him! He went to church with his wife and daughter and he is reading and praying. He seems so much happier. On Monday we were planning on what to teach him. We knew we wanted to teach him lesson 3: The gospel of Jesus Christ, but we also wanted to include either Chastity or Word of Wisdom. Sister Evans was teaching that and she couldn't decide which one. I told her to listen to the spirit during the lesson and decide which one fit better. Well, David had a question. He read in 3 Nephi that no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom. He expressed how he went drinking with his friends a lot (at that point Sis. Evans pulled out the Word Of Wisdom pamphlet haha) and he didn't feel he could be forgiven for that. We taught him the Word Of Wisdom and asked if he would want to try to stop. He said he did but he didn't know if he could. So I challenged him to see how no drinking would go for 3 days till we could visit him again. He said he'd do it. After the prayer, Brother Winters broke role play and told us how good that lesson was. The spirit taught it. He told us we were the best teachers in the class and asked if we would re-enact the lesson for the class. It was amazing!! So it's possible to even get excited about fake investigators.
One day during class we were talking about prayer with Sister Ure. We were talking about personal prayers and how they can be like a conversation. Then she said, "Sometimes I'll tell God a joke." Hahahahahah She then said "I'll finish praying and come out of my room laughing and my mom will ask what's so funny. I just say 'He thinks I'm funny'" Hahaha We love our teachers! I've seen Elder Hiskey, Elder KJ Hall, and Elder Lamont. :) 

So I got the amazing chance to participate in the MTC Choir on Tuesday. I didn't get to go to practice on Sunday but I was still able to sing on Tuesday because they practiced before. We did splits because only one companion from each pair wanted to sing. So me and Sister West sang :) We sung the prettiest version of Joseph Smiths first prayer!! The director told us to sing it like we were telling the story with emotion. It gave me chills!! Choir is definitely an MTC experience every single person needs. 

There are definitely some hard times. Me and Sister Evans have been working on being right on time or early to our classes and other things but it never works. And one day Sister Ure kinda pointed that out and I got a little hurt. So me and Sister Evans kinda were silent for a while. But then we were able to talk it out and cry and laugh and grow. :D 

Well... this is about it. I have so much more to say so maybe I'll write a letter and send it home. I've been on the computer too long and dinner is soon. I'm going to miss the food here :( Tell cory to write me!!!! And tell him good luck in his games! I miss him so much!!! I can't wait to call you on Monday!!! I love you so much Mom and Dad. Pictures still don't work so those will have to wait till I'm in the field which is killing me!!! I hope you guys have a great week! Talk to you soon!!

Super Woman Sister Rokovitz! 

P.S. tell Michael I hope he feels better! 
P.P.S. I also saw Mrs. Menlove here!!!!!!!! She's a Branch President's wife :D